May 23, 2019

#MeditationAtMarinaBeach : The Need To Study OPS

Meditation lets you harness the power of tranquility and spirituality. OPS doing meditation at Amma Memorial at Marina Beach has added a new dimension to the drama unfolding in Tamil Nadu. The Governor has chosen to give Chennai a miss for now. He is expected to be in Chennai by Wednesday and if rumor mills are to be believed the much anticipated swearing of Sasikala will happen on Thursday 9th February.

Meditation gesture by OPS is an act of defiance against Chinamma. The rebellion is simmering in the party and a split cannot be ruled out. The governor does not have a bigger room for discretion and is duty bound to swear in the leader with maximum support of legislators. Supreme Court’s verdict is looming large on the fate of Sasikala and widespread opposition to her elevation across the state is making matters difficult for her.

jayaOPS has been a symbol of grace and poise in the ongoing turbulence. He is riding high on sympathy wave. Winds of change are blowing thick and fast at Marina Beach and ripple effect is unsettling for Poes Garden. While speaking to media, OPS showed willingness to take back his resignation if the party cadre wanted. This would put the ball rolling in Governor’s court. If resignation is accepted, OPS is bound to emerge stronger and resilient than ever. The governor might keep the assembly in suspended motion or recommend President Rule. OPS has shown character and won’t be easily maneuvered. He has carved out his niche. The power tussle would leave him unscathed as odds are stacked in his favor. He is getting help from unexpected quarters. DMK’s Stalin has agreed to support a functional government in TN. Stalin wants a probe into reasons why OPS was forced to resign. Beating the odds is going to be difficult for Sasikala.

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