April 26, 2019

Megalomaniac’s Compulsive Disorder: How an Extremely Vulnerable Man Failed a Party?


Counting for 270 out of 272 wards of Delhi’s Municipal wards would start early at 8 am in the morning at 35 centers. One man is itching to start “movement” as votes would be counted. He has become “Extremely Vulnerable Man (EVM)” who is desperately trying to seek an alibi for MCD results. AAP was born out of a movement but an anarchist hijacked it. No cry for movement can resuscitate the party which he devoured for power.

Zee News has reported that 34 MLAs of AAP would press for Kejriwal’s resignation if poll results mimic figures shown by exit polls. Resentment against leadership of Kejriwal is brewing in the party. The party needs to launch a movement to save itself from disintegration. The proclamation of a movement at Jantar Mantar is just an eyewash by Kejriwal to use victimhood and gather sympathy from the public.

His hubris has failed the people of the state and the party he represents. AAP’s drubbing in recently concluded state elections shows that people have rejected their way of politics. They need to acknowledge the mandate of the people and work to win back trust else Gujarat gamble will not pay off. Swaraj Abhiyan’s founder Yogendra Yadav wrote an open letter to Arvind Kejriwal seeking his resignation if AAP fails to secure victory in 136 seats. “If you lose within two years of winning 67 assembly seats out of 70, then it is the demand of morality that you resign from the post of chief minister and your government should again seek the confidence of Delhi’s voters on the principle of ‘recall’, which you mentioned two years back at Ramlila Maidan,” Yadav wrote. Would Kejriwal accept moral responsibility of poll outcome? Ethics, morality and probity – you cannot associate these words with Aam Aadmi Party.

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