March 22, 2019

Meira Kumar – The Accidental Contender..

The nomination of Ram Nath Kovind by the BJP ambushed the opposition which desperately scrambled to put up a credible alternative .
Their task was cutout, find a Candidate gifted with better credentials than Kovind. Not just that, the Contender had to possess the ability to unify the Opposition and project a collective show of strength, vital at a time when MODI is well primed to hit a ‘home run’ in 2019.

Meira Kumar, has the credentials but she is fighting a losing battle. The only saving grace could be the satisfaction that the Opposition were able to project an unified face and hope that the unity doesn’t get unstuck during the long run-up to 2019 .

The presidential election is crucial to the Ruling party which has relentlessly tried to consolidate and take control of every sphere of administration. A Dalit President from a backward state will help it rally support from the backward communities and at the same time reinvigorate it’s Bihar cadre .

The BJP masterstroke splintered the Opposition ranks. Nitesh and the JDU were left with no option but to support Kovind , driving another wedge in its tottering alliance with RJD.

It was dicey for Mayawati, the Dalit icon from UP had a bitter pill to swallow because both candidates are Dalit and both hail from central India . But ultimately , after a lot of dithering she chose to remain in the Opposition fold .

The Liberals and the Left are agitated to the core, their concerted campaign to find chinks in the MODI armour hasn’t fructified , and to their consternation MODI continues to surge ahead steamrolling all obstacles , the latest being the ‘ Presidential Poll ‘.

It’s a foregone conclusion that the next person to occupy the ‘Rashtrapati Bhavan’ is going to be Ram Nath Kovind  and there is nothing the Opposition can do except scream about ‘Saffronisation’ & ‘Sanghification’ of the highest office of the Nation.

The Opposition and it’s candidate Meira Kumar are like a Puppeteer and a Puppet on a Puppet show realising belatedly that the ‘Strings’ have been stolen by BJP rendering their Puppet show a ‘NO SHOW’.

Picture Credit: IndiLeak, Nai Duniya and Rishabh’s Lens


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