April 23, 2019

Messages on WhatsApp Could be Misleading

There is one message gone viral amongst civilians that Government of India has reduced pension on September 30, 2016.

Team NV gets you the facts.

With the advent of technology, gadgets and easy to use mobile applications a lot is at stake in personal life, society and nation.

No matter how much control, updates and viral messages have become integral part of our life. Some mischief makers use this as a tool to spread hatred and animosity. There is no limit. The recipient of the message is in a hurry to share it in WhatsApp group and on social media.

It is important we cross check the message and then only share it. If there is no one to verify, then hold on to the message.

One such viral message is on OROP doing rounds. However, one of the receiver could see something fishy.

Clarification on the same as follows:

The most dangerous lie is that which is brushed with a modicum of truth. The WhatsApp messages doing rounds about OROP and Disability pension is just this category of lie.


     (1) The WA message states that post 1971 war pension was reduced from 70% to 50% of last pay drawn.

      Truth – In 1973 through 3 pay commission OROP was abolished and pension reduced to 50% of last drawn salary.

     (2) The facts about Disability pension (DP ) is another lie brushed with a modicum of truth.

     Pre 6 CPC the disability pension was very little – eg – it was INR 1,550 for a Jawan and INR 2,600

     for an officer (fig taken from TOI report).

     Post 6 CPC the rates were something like this (w.e.f 01/01/2006)

     Commissioned officers – Rs 11,760

     JCO.                            – Rs  8,600

     Other ranks.                   Rs.  7,020

     In CPC a provision was made for Lt. Gen. and above to get 30% of allowances as disability pension-

    towards the end of 2015 it worked out to INR 52,560

    7 CPC decided to revert to slab system

    Figures of DP as accepted by government on 30/09/2016

    Officers.  (level 10 and above)      Rs 27000

    Subedars (level 6-9 ).                    Rs 17000

    Havildars and below (below 5).    Rs 12000

So a cursory look will explain that DP has not gone down for junior officers/other ranks. Yes in case go Lt. Gen. and above the amount has decreased but it would be erroneous to suggest that a serving Lt. Gen. would receive less pension for injuries suffered at a younger and junior stage as disability pension is given only when invalidated out of service due to injuries and the DP would be given as per rank invalidated at.

However, this is an anomaly which I am sure the veteran Lt. Gen. and above will follow up.

Please also realize that DP is in addition to the pension received which for those invalidated due to battle injuries is liberalised pension equal to last salary drawn.

To conclude:

A trend is observed recently to pit defence services against civil services which is very damaging for the nation. Both services are different in their scope and nature. A soldier’s prime duty is to guard the border with his life so that the farmer, the trader, the teacher, the scholar, the scientist, the industrialist, the politician , the civil servant and all others can carry out their professions . A soldier does not participate directly in these but ensures that no enemies invade so all can excel and prosper. How can any soldier be anti civil services when he has sworn to protect them.

Jai hind

Picture Credit: en.wikipedia.org

NidhiAuthor Nidhi Bahuguna is pained at misleading information being circulating on WhatsApp. Upon request from Team NV, she has put the facts for better understanding of civilians.

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