May 24, 2019


The various types of celebs and their followers are telling their stories of personal harassment. All this is fine in a sense that women harassment is a reality in our country and many are daring to come out. But we are forgetting is timeline of the stories. Justice delayed is justice denied and combined with the issue of vengefulness of a class of women; we have to take these stories with a pinch of salt. Or probably with a tonne of salt. It is also a matter of fact that all of these stories could have been told a long time ago but for a variety of reasons were kept secret. It is nobody’s case that a sympathetic hearing be not given but every story that is coming shall have buckets of salt. The real issue is whether the various women, men go to the courts and try to get justice or at least file cases and what course action is going to be taken in a lawful manner.

History is witness that many would not go to courts because of the long and torturous path of justice and police harassment. The police, which due to the fear of liberals arrested and harassed Vikas Sachdeva and have feared to touch others who are of a particular kind. In essence there is a class of women who would decide that course of action to be taken based on a number of factors. But the Prime Factor would be the venom that could be spewed against the Hindus in general and Upper Castes in Particular. The innumerable crimes of padres and mullahs are swept under the secular carpets while glamorous cases of harassment which may be verbal or otherwise get prime time.

The victims of the #METOO campaign are only doing time pass because getting justice is a tiresome process. Also in the recent times, it has become fashionable to put allegations on others about misbehavior. We have seen a baby celebrity claiming mood swings after a life of an individual was made hell because of her publicity seeking behavior. The whole nation went into a guilt trip of bad Hindu Male Conduct but in reality the baby celebrity has done time pass. The case of Rohtak girls is another case in point.

The ways in which the law enforcement works is a mystery to those who are in need of the support of the system. Those with proper connections can molest a girl or do other great secular actions and then go about their business as if they were saints. The sinners are being projected as saints by the laundry boys and girls of the powerful members of the society. The reason for calling a set of people as laundry boys and girls is because these boys and girls are in awe of the powerful and are willingly washing the dirty sheets of their motivators.

What we are missing right now is the RIGHTS OF THE SABARIMALA DEVOTEE. In the hyper glamorous #METOO campaign, the rights of the women devotees and the rights of ordinary devotees of AYYAPPA are taken away by the state and there is no word about it. It is not fashionable to side with the women devotees because supporting the AYAPPA DEVOTEES would be considered uncool. The GoGOI has shown true colours in the name of listing issues and procedure and one would wonder if he would maintain his tempo when that particular phone call comes in the night? I only wonder how twisted are the minds of the Justices of our Courts that they are unable to see the pain of the devotees. The Justices in the end have a stick to beat the government over the Ayodhya issue because of the known violence potential that would be displayed on the streets when the truth comes out.

Whether it is is #METOO or Ayyappa Devotees the underlying problem is the lack of understanding of the due process of law and the disconnect between the law makers, law enforcers and the law followers.

Swami Sharanam, Ayyappa Sharanam

Om Shanthi

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