April 21, 2019

Miffed China , Peeved Iran & a piqued Pakistan..

Indian foreign policy advisors must be heaving a sigh of relief, the MODI and TRUMP tete-a-tete went off well. The pre-summit scepticism disappeared the moment the two leaders hugged like old friends.

The nitty gritties of the summit are trickling in and it would be premature to rate the interaction just yet . But the broad outlook is encouraging, TRUMP has decided to continue from where Obama left-off, seamless transition was what India was hoping for and TRUMP did not disappoint.

The cementing of Indo-US ties has its inherent challenges for India. The immediate fallout could result in regional Geo-political readjustments.

 The murmur from Iran must be read in this context. And the jostling in Sikkim is a trademark Chinese way of conveying it’s displeasure.

First Iran:

Anything to do with America is anathema to Iran. After Trump’s recent statements against it during his Saudi sojourn left Iran with no option but to harden it’s stand against America and it’s Allies. Now with India veering away from neutrality and inching closer to America, Iran will be forced to downgrade it’s ties with India.

With Benjamin Nethanyahu next in line for MODI’S ”Jaadu ka Jhappi” , Iran may  junk all relationships with India.

The timing of Ayatollah Khamenie’s tweet deliberately mentioning Kashmir is clear warning – steer clear of America and Israel or else Kashmir will be on our agenda.


The Indo-China attrition is growing, there is nothing India can do about it because it was China’s call to take sides and it chose to side with Pakistan despite MODI’S red carpet to Xi.

It’s position on NSG and Masood Azhar has done little to sooth ruffled feathers.

With borders ‘hot & active’ on both the Western and Eastern fronts , and with the Indian ocean becoming a hive of hostile activity . This coupled with the fact that Russia is not as influential or as dependable as it was earlier, strategic realignment became a necessity for India .

Indo-US bromance was a convergence of interests of two great Democracies .

The insecurity of isolation in the subcontinent with China flexing it’s economic and military muscle compelled India to firm-up ties with the USA .

Likewise, after their belated realisation of Pakistani deceit, the Americans zeroed in on India for a strategic partnership – a beach head to establish presence and project power in the subcontinent , and patrol the vast oceans extending upto Japan .

Trump’s announcement of a massive naval exercises comprising of navies of India, America and Japan will literally ‘piss-off’ an already miffed China.


A parasite that feeds on others , conveniently ditched the Americans and hitched it’s bandwagon to the ‘Chinese Gravy Train’ to continue its saga of living on free aid – ‘It was the lure of the Dollar then , now it’s the klink of the Yuan’ that saves them from bankruptcy .


We are a power to reckon with, the moment we carry the baggage of Pakistan to the world, we belittle ourselves.

Bilateral talks with America (and for that matter any other country) should henceforth be categorical – ‘ hey .. let’s discuss Trade ‘ , ‘ Pakistan is no big deal, we can handle it on our own’.

Picture Credit: Wiki, Editing by Rishabh’s Lens
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