May 24, 2019

Milords, Spare the Government

Indian Judiciary has some deep sense of affection to anything alien. Be it cultures, language or any other aspect of life, Indian Judiciary loves aliens.

When the Rohingya’s are pleading for their rights of not being deported, the rights of the hundreds of corers of Indians are not an issue for Judiciary. All they are concerned about the various Clauses of the Constitution. The Judiciary has thrown the Constitution rules on the face of Indians and claims that any human can claim their rights in India.

Dear Milords, have you even given the same hearing to various Indian groups who have been requesting your hearings. The Milords do not worry about the pollution that the Rohingya’s could cause in this nation over their life time but they want to penalize Indians and ban their festivities to protect the environment. Milords you alone can break the precedents set by your predecessors and the precedents are not creating any improvement.

The Judiciary has not thrown the articles of Constitution when it had to decide upon the equality. How can two different set of equipment of varying specifications and different cost produce the same quality? If this is possible, the lower cost one should be produced. If higher cost one is procured, then the CAG and judiciary would haul the government for the scam.

The above example is for RTE, when one low specification institution is giving the same quality of student output why then the higher specification institutes are needed which are costing more. Just forgot that the Milords are hell bent of getting applauses by the various NGOs who are alien funded and who represent regressive foreign societies.

The Milords of the Judiciary donot show any kind of urgency about the damage to the native breeds when sperms of bulls are imported. Milords will be eating the steak and wonder why does the free grazing beef is not available while forgetting that all the free grazing cattle are exported illegally. The judiciary loves to hear only one side of the story and this side is mostly alien side and not the side of the Indians.

Dear Milords, have you heard about the concerns of the Indians who are cattle rearers and who cannot come into your courtrooms because you have become too far away and also too costly. The process happens in a language that majority of our nation donot understand and you seem to not know the language of the masses. Oh, I just forgot your love for alien, language makes you get disconnected with the common folks of this land.

Dear Milords, you have successfully turned a large part of our capital city into your pet laboratory. You too want one type of reports and you keep asking sealed covers, reports but do you even believe in any. There are reports given by IIT professors about the various issues but you donot trust but your own. Ah, pardon me again Milords, I forgot that you love alien made reports and not Indian made reports.

Dear Milords, why is it that the we have ban of men into female toilets and female change rooms and female coaches of buses. Dear Mi lords why is there restrictions and reservations which are violative of all the clauses you mentioned with respect to the Sabarimala verdict. Milords, your memory is too sharp and the issue is that you had no problem in giving our temple and their wealth control to the government and now you talk about the government agency discriminating.

LoL. Pardon my laughter, but have you not allowed the discrimination against the several sections of the society with caste, gender,religion based laws which the Constitution you quote tells not to do. Milord, I beg your pardon because racism and discrimination is in inbuilt in several alien ideologies and you love of alien items makes you to do the same. It is not your fault Milords and you are on the right side in whatever you do. Dear Milords, kindly donot quote the Constitution to tell about the laws because nobody finds any sense or meaning in them because of your and our collective bigotry.

Milords, you can do all that you want because a submissive government is ruling in different parts of our nation who have many issues. It might also be possible that without needing any evidence you can say declare anything because our society might be having a consensus. Again here, an alien society living amongst us want the current governments to be pulled down and you are capable of doing this. May be this is the reason of the silence of our current government.

Milords, please spare the current governments and do your own bidding. Allow anything you want because at this point of time, if we get a government with too high alien priorities it might be possible that we might not survive economically and spiritually. Milords, continue with our alien fetish and let the government do its job in whatever area you feel like.

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