March 18, 2019

Minority Fearing Nation

India might be the only nation on this planet that is in absolute fear of its Minorities because of their huge global connections and violence potential. The minority groupings always have dragged the nation towards riots and defamation most of the times. The leaders of the minorities have virtually blackmailed the state and have always gained more control over the affairs of the nation one way or the other and every law that is being drafted has now a concern about “Minority kya Sochega”.

Not one law would be passed by the Minority Compliant Parliament that would bring in equality between the majority and minority. Even if such a law gets passed, the Black Coats who presume to the owners of Majority will ensure that such a law would be nullified with highest urgency else their supremacy will vanish. This is the state of this nation that once withstood the attacks by the most barbaric gangs that ever walked this planet.

The joke that the majority people of this nation have to face is about their being majority. The majority group who are so imagined for all practical purposes are hell bent on gaining control over their rival groups. The rivalry is primarily due to some historical conflicts between the leaders of the groups or some kind of fantasy situations that might have existed a few ten, hundred or a thousand years ago. For these people the present is not important as long as they can spite their rivals over past while forgetting a good 1200years of history.

The non-existent majority of Bharat gives the power hungry minority groups to creep into the policy making areas of the state so as to control the resources and narrative. The resources can be anything material and narrative can be anything related to thought process. The two items being the most important for the survival of any society and with the imaginary majority having control over none will slowly vanish into thin air because the anti-fake-majority hating Constitution has ingrained within itself the complete destruction of this nation.

Self-Destruction of Bharat is a given and there seems to be nothing that can stop this event from happening before 2100.  Neither the leaders in position nor those with power are bothered about the nation and its fake majority populace. The short-term appeasement and ideological vacuum makes a deadly concoction to speed-up the self-destruction.  The time 2100 is taken arbitrarily because it appears like a good fancy number to talk about and there is nothing to worry about the minority about selecting the number.

The character of a nation depends on the majority population. The term majority means the homogeneous group of people who have similar ideals regarding the future of the nation in broadest sense related to governance affairs, self protection and prosperity. This is akin to roti, kapada and makaan but on a much broader sense because there will be huge diversity in a very large number of people who make up this nation. When the character of majority changes the nature of the nation or state also changes.

With a lot of external influences the people with power in Bharat are acting in very bizarre ways to subvert the rule of the land. The majority has long lost its collective bargaining power due to million issues and this has been gained by the wheelers and dealers of minorities. The majority is as helpless as the state because it has tied itself in knots due to international peer pressure. The nation that had existing in the minds of the citizens of Bharat no longer exists and what exists is only a pale imitation of it while being painted to appear brand new.

The rotten core of the nation because of the privileges granted to minorities can never make a nation great even in a millennium. The day when the Principle of Equality is broken by the rule of law made by the nation, it is the start towards the end and the end of Bharat had started on 26 January 1950 and every amendment that has ensured more inequality has took the nation more towards its self destruction. The mere existence of a separate group called Minority in the constitution makes them more privileged than the rest and makes Bharat Minority Fearing Nation whose end has reached a point of no return. All we have to do is to hope that the end of this great nation would be peaceful and full of love. The only way to Save the Nation  is to Change The Constitution.




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