April 24, 2019

Misogyny and Sexism : Tools of Dirty Tricks Department of Grand Old Party

Misogyny and sexism has always been the hallmark of Grand Old Party. Starting from Nehru-Edwina to Digvijay and his lewd lexicon speaks a lot about so called “Women Empowerment” which RaGa keeps on harping all the time. The Dirty Tricks Department of the party boasts of people like Tehseen Poonawala whose tweets on Smriti Irani are shamelessly crass and sexist. Tehseen is linked to Mr Vadra. No wonder, stooges in the media are shying away from talking about this Congress troll. Swati Chaturvedi ! Do you have the guts to speak now against Congress trolls?

Tehseen stands exposed now. He has been loitering on the wrong side of the law. He deserves nothing but a jail term. But it’s not going to happen. Labyrinthine legal process of this country coupled with JijaJi’s clout is good enough to keep Tehseen out of law’s bounds. Rahul Raj gets victimized but this JiJaJi’s boy has a unique immunity. Mainstream media has been sleeping on this issue. Like US, Indian Mainstream Media too is the “Opposition” and plays a selective tune. The music of liberalism does not take into account abuse and victimization of Union Textile Minister.

Its time to raise voice against this inequality.  I am still wondering why a FIR has not been lodged against Tehseen Poonawala. Do we need Karni Sena’s hand movements to cause outrage ? We, as a nation, need to outrage against the subjugation and abuse perpetrated by privileged few.


Picture Credit: Twitter Screenshots, Thanks to all friends.


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