April 24, 2019

Misuse of GENDER Laws: First person account of Mr. Deeptanshu Shukla

We have been reading about fake cases in family court. Some are lucky and blessed to come out of it. Sharing one such case here.

I am an IIT Kanpur Computer Science graduate who was working abroad when I entered into an unfortunate alliance (arranged marriage) with a girl (Pragya Dwivedi) from a politically connected criminal minded family. Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament Satyavrat Chaturvedi of Congress is the cousin brother of my wife’s father Vivek Dwivedi. I come from a freedom fighter family and my mother’s real dadaji was Mr. Shivshankar Rawal who was known as the “Gandhi of Malwa”

The girl filed frivolous dowry case against me back in November 2012 due to which I was picked up by the police at 1:20 am in the night from ICU ward of the hospital where my mother was in post surgical care (talk about “women empowering” laws). The police was in so much pressure (both political and financial) that they drove from Indore to Bhopal in a private car to arrest me in the night. They have also admitted in cross examination that 1) they copy pasted statements of witnesses 2) they searched my house without any search warrant which is illegal

After nearly 2.5 years of court battle where I fought the case myself (party-in-person) doing all cross examination, arguments etc myself


I won the case on 31/March/2015 (news story in bhaskar front page attached). It was a historic judgment of 70 pages whereby I was able to prove all charges false and even bring out the falsity of the prosecution’s case beyond doubt on certain aspects.

The other party appealed the decision. They have lost their appeal recently on 06/May/2016. The opposite party’s lawyer in lower court was Mr. K. P. Maheshwari and in the higher Session Court was Mr. S. K. Vyas, both of whom are among the most prominent lawyers of MP.

Since the opposite party’s case was totally bogus, they used their relative Satyavrat Chaturvedi’s political clout in order to harass my parents both of whom are government employees. I obtained documents through RTI which show his direct involvement in harassing my family. He recommended transfers on my father and mother due to which my father (Who is a senior Director in Geological Survey of India) was transferred against “public interest” and there was an unnecessary inquiry against my mother Gayatri Shukla (who is PGT Economics in Kendriya Vidyalay)


I had refrained in making the RTI documents public until the appeal was pending in Session’s Court. The Session Court Order of acquittal is available








Photo of Vivek Dwivedi with Satyavrat Chaturvedi



















I am also attaching my complaint to the DGP against the corrupt investigation officer Miss Darshana Mujalda with elaborate proofs. There has been no action against her so far.

Complaint against IO Darshana (1)-page-001

Complaint against IO Darshana (1)-page-002

Complaint against IO Darshana (1)-page-003

The news has been covered only locally by the media although it has gone viral on social media.

Bhaskar News (3rd April 2015) (1)

I hope the above narrative convinces you that it deserves national attention through your platform.


PS: The you tube link is of a seminar which I conducted in Indore. I started the state chapter of an NGO Save Indian Family through which we have counseled nearly 10,000 victims of false gender biased laws. We have weekly meetings and also operate a free helpline 8882498498. The response was tremendous and we can proudly claim that we have prevented at least a dozen suicides.


MR. Deeptanshu Shukla


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