May 21, 2019

ML Khattar – Resignation Seekers

BJP Minister Resignation Seekers (BMRS) are a special class of Humans belonging to India who seek accountability from BJP leaders alone. Now a days the black coats are helping the BMRS with their activist mentality to seek brownie points from the liberal high priests. BMRS are indeed accountable to nobody except for their alien pay masters and their identity is obvious but not be told publicly People seeking the resignation of Khattar should answer the questions listed below and provide alternate answers which would justify his resignation.

Q: Did Khattar know the judgment?

A: Our judiciary is so honest that it is independent of other arms of the constitution and nobody could predict what the judgment could be. Our judiciary has given judgments based on their own interpretations of the laws and have at times gone a bit extreme when it includes minorities. Sikhs being a minority group everyone would have thought that the courts would seek their past behaviors of being softer on child rapists, murderers, etc and be lenient on Ram Rahim. Obviously the courts did not go as per their past minority bias and hence Khattar failed in predicting the end result.

Q: Is it difficult to predict the outcome?

A: Based on the probability there is only 50% chance of predicting the right result and hence we can say with confidence that it is always impossible to predict the right result. Khattar cannot be held guilty under the current circumstances.

Q: Khattar be let free from any punishment?

A: As per the criminal law procedures and any other rules a judgmental error cannot be held as evidence as crime. It it is the case then every CM at some point of time or the other has failed to protect the public property. The question remains the intent and it depends on the bias of the individual. For imaginary inaction people cannot be punished and if it is to be done, then most of the citizens would be in jails including the famous black coats.

Q: Whether RamRahim is a rapist?

A: Yes according to the courts he is a rapist and is convicted. RamRahim has still legal options available to come clean and hopefully he comes clean of the issues.

Q: Should every convict keep approaching courts and use the money and political clout to absolve their crimes?

A: The courts accept frivolous PILs, open their doors for terrorists, give chances to regular offenders, and the conviction rate being very low and too many fake cases being hoisted. With such a back ground it is not wrong and also within the right of citizen RamRahim to try every possible method to absolve himself if truth is on his side. Only Ram Rahim knows the truth and he is the best judge.

Q: Should Khattar not Resign?

A: All CMs should resign first and especially that Kerala, Bengal ones where they are aiding murders in the name of minority appeasement. Many of the north eastern states have become fascist minority states with tribals under fear, and the CMs of those states too have to resign.

Q: Khattar should resign because he failed in his duty?

A: What is the cost of the honesty certificate? When people are giving honesty certificate to Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka even when they were indulging in billions of rupee scams the honesty certificate of a few has no value and their demands be best put in garbage bin.

BMRS have a fancy of seeking resignation like the ones in BJP and now the times have changed. When BJP sought resignation, the famed corrupt and criminal ministers did not resign and hence now the BJP ministers too should not resign for any matter. Let the morality be put in bins. The political fights have been put in the context of immorality by one side and BJP should pay back in same kind. Brownie points from the white masters would never work and only power works and should be used for the welfare of the people.

The selective targeting of ML Khattar should be kept in mind and the issue of corruption investigations by Haryana government be kept in the context. Hard fought and gained power should never sacrifice just to score a few brownie points. This is the only mantra in politics.

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