April 24, 2019

Mobocracy and Hypocrisy in Lynchingstan

Mohammed Azam, a techie from Hyderabad, gets lynched by an unruly mob in Bidar, Karnataka and mainstream media conveniently brushed it aside and whipped up a frenzy when Rakbar Khan allegedly died due to lynching in Alwar.

Dalit man lynched to death in Barmer for having an affair with a Muslim girl. There will be no outrage and call for justice just because the aggressor, in this case, is a Muslim. This hypocrisy needs to be called out.

With the run-up to 2019 parliamentary elections, a narrative is being built to spread hate and distrust among communities.

How come lynching in Bidar gets less airtime and the one in Alwar gets attention from all motormouths of prime time channels?

Are we supposed to play down the lynching of Mohammed Azam because the incident happened in Karnataka, where”Punyaatma” Rahul Gandhi blesses the government?

Four women get beaten up stripped in Mamata Banerjee ruled West state Bengal, and no one bats an eyelid. TMC members hypocrisy was on full display when they held a protest in front of Gandhi statue in the parliament over incidents of lynching. TMC members and the ruling dispensation downplay incidents of mobocracy in their state and their party supremo Didi preaches morality to other states.

It’s time to call out the hypocrisy of these politicians who would stoop to any depths to score political mileage.

Image Courtesy: Steemit , Amar Ujala , Hindustan Times , epostmortem.org , Twitter links.


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