April 20, 2019

Mockery of Article 370 : Settlement of Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims in Jammu and Ladakh



The sheer mention of Article 370 sends them into paranoia. Thousands of Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims have been deliberately settled into Jammu and Ladakh to distort demography of the region. Why preferential treatment to Muslims ? Why Hindus from Varanasi cannot be settled in Jammu and Ladakh? The proponents of Article 370 don’t give a damn about it.  Their sole agenda is to turn Hindus into minority in Jammu and Ladakh.


Billboards won’t be sufficient for eviction. They should be kicked out. BJP has been vocal in blaming NC and Congress for the current mess but blaming does not help. BJP should undo the damage. Deportation is the only way out. There has to be complete ban on Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims. Diversity is our strength but we cannot afford destabilization at the cost of diversity.


A complete ban is required. Ministry of Home and External Affairs should act in unison and implement it else crooks of National Conference and INC would stoop to any levels to justify settlement of Rohingyas.


The agenda of separatists is to hijack and decimate everything related to Hindus. The shutdown call on February 24th is part of a sinister plan. It’s time to take the gloves off and deal with them with an iron hand.



Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter.


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