May 20, 2019

Modi & 2

The situation of our country is no way close to what was expected after the victory of BJP in 2014 elections. The common man continues to live peacefully and the governments have done commendable job in maintaining law and order in every part of the country except for a few odd locations. The most disappointed with this situation are islamophile and christophile elite with power over people who are leftist in mentality and anti-Hindu in nature.

The great expectations regarding actions against the corrupt seem to have lost in the power struggle between the PM and the person who should not be named without solid evidence. Numbers donot matter but only the intent and will to deliver on the promises matter. On the economic front there seems to be some momentum going on for the nation as the mammoth economy must first shrug off its lethargy and start to move. But the biggest missing factor is the low skill jobs which small scale private enterprise seem to be doing its bit and the numbers of the same are yet to be measured by appropriate parameters.

The biggest cause of concern would be the actions in the areas where the government should not have any role to play but unfortunately the previous governments having interfered there is no other way for the people. The way of lives of Hindus is what the successive government have failed to protect and every government had a share of the pie. No government has ever formed in any level that has allowed the continuance of the good actions of the Hindus to any extent without interfering and creating a mess out of the situation. Every area of the Hindu way of life is targeted first by the NGOs and then the government makes a law to make it tougher for the hindu citizens to live. It is high time the government ensures that if there is no threat to the constitution from the way of Hindu life then any practice should not be banned.

The courts have lost their moral senses a long time back and they are only interested in protecting their turf and want to continue to be unaccountable to the people of this country. The less talked about the judiciary the better. The actions of the judiciary are in reality a threat to the basic structure of the constitution but since they are the pseudo-guardians of the book, it is like the fence eating the fields and everyone only watches. The government has been too slow in acting on too many cases and it is high time that the government selects a handful of cases regarding corruption and completes the trail using all the resources at hand and show to the nation that it means actions and not mere slogans. Every government in the past has promised to act and none have acted on the humungous scams of their predecessors because of the close bonds among the various parties.

The works of several forces to create unrest in our country is obvious to most except to the maintainers of law and order. The meek surrender of our powerful leaders infront of the anti-constitutional forces is a sad sight which again points to the fact that numbers matter only to some extent but the perception matter much more. The biggest threat to the peace, sovereignty and democracy of our nation are a class of intellectual elite who roam freely spewing hate against the nation. The freedom of speech is not absolute in our nation and with sedition laws available for use and yet no action is being taken to keep the secular and tolerant fabric intact. But at a different level petty politicians and power centers are harassing common men using bizarre laws to teach the common man a hard lesson. This is the mockery of the constitution and the guardians of constitution are having issues in upholding their duty where it is extremely important.

The population explosion of the abrahamic religion would ensure that unless there is a consolidation of pro-India forces, it would become increasingly difficult for the BJP to come back to power. As there is no alternative for the Hindus and pro-India people, BJP seem to be enjoying its position of hard appeasement and very soft Hindutva. The BJP leadership as a position of power and BJP as a party has nothing to lose and Indians have to realize about the course of action without the BJP. Several grass roots organizations are taking shape to protect their local turf and hopefully over a period time, there would be a common Hindu programme would emerge and  become a document that would prick the secular conscience of the nation. The poison of secularism would kill the hindu religion to a large extent while promoting the religion of true false gods.

With only two years left for the so called Yogi, Rishi, Mahatma, Statesman Modi a lot of people would except some action in the above mentioned areas. The judiciary should be put in place within the constitutional schemes of things and make them realize that they are only the interpreters of the constitution according to the civilization ethos of the Indians and not according to some abrahamic sects which wanted to subvert and destroy our civilization. A few corrupt politicians should be packed and lodged in jails to bring hope in the people that the checks and balances work well even when the wrong doers are government employees, politicians, rich powerful businessmen. The anti-constitutional elite should be brought under control using appropriate sections of the law. A safety to the Hindu way of life from the varying anti-India forces, conversion forces, communist forces, etc and a guarantee for right to peace and equality is to be guaranteed because Hindus are not a people of book.

Hurry up PM its only 2 years left.

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