May 27, 2019

Modi @ 3

Even though RSS hates personality cults it is inevitable in any organization that people rally around a leader. Modi is now the face of the political wing of the RSS at the national level and there seems too little competition to him at the moment. It is almost three years since Modi has been at the helm of affairs and a lot of things have changed since. The BJP as a political party has expanded in all corners of the country and is poised to grow further and it might be the fastest growing organization in the world. If only the BJP is listed on the stock exchange many a billionaires would have been created by the upward trajectory of the party post 2014. The party leader Amit Shah deserves a huge round of applause for silently doing his task of expanding the party by using all legal means possible.

The only hurdle for the BJP down south is the language barrier and the political communication. North of the Vindhyas the Hindi language could be used to a large extent for communication but down south the language variation is a huge setback for the party. Even though the people understand Hindi, the local language speakers are not great for the party and thus it lacks local effect and there are few great speakers available with the BJP. Thus it becomes more important for BJP to develop good leaders who are also good orators for the growth of the party in the long run. The BJP leadership hopefully knows its language limitations down South.

Any government that exists has three primary functions – External Security, Internal Security, Rule of law. All other issues flow and follow these three basic functions of the government and Modi promised minimum government and maximum governance.  Exact performance measurement is difficult in the third case but the other two can be determined to a large extent. It is usually the politicians who go to great lengths to appease his vote bank and Modi has done the reverse and the nation has gone through a lot of pains to appease Modi and hoped that he would succeed in his mission of Saab ka Saath Saab ka Vikas.

As things stand today, there is little clarity on the direction the government is progressing. It is the leader’s prerogative to reveal his plans but when the time comes to the next elections people would be careful if the promises are fulfilled to the extent possible or they have been bluffed. Janata sab janthi hai and it is not possible to fool the people all the time. The biggest jumla that Modi made is his appeasement of the minorities and other alleged weaker sections of the society at the cost of the Indians in general. Things are getting worse from bad as government has been surrendering to the anti-India forces in several areas and the 282 MPs provided seem to be helpless and blabber the same things as if they are in opposition.

Power is needed to deliver on the promises made and when it is available the persons should deliver on as much as possible. Modi is aware of that there seem to be no alternative to the PM post in the foreseeable future and is taking Indians for a ride. The flatters of Modi have been giving him titles of Rishi, Yogi, etc but it is becoming clearer that THE STATEMEN title is what he seems to be going after or may be NOBEL prize. It is too early to put the blame on Modi but personal desires could spoil even the greatest of people and history has several examples to prove the point.

On the External security front, the peace overtures have failed miserable and Indian political leadership always fails to take lessons and fails to take the security forces into confidence. Even the terrorist infested Afghanistan is giving bloody noses to Pakistan for its mischief at the borders and here our government is scared to kick out anti-India Pakistan agents for fear of secularism being in danger. There can be no doubts about how to deal with the adversary and here Modi seem to be failing big time. It is strange that a person like Doval seem to be getting things wrong and it makes one wonder if the top leadership is listening to the right voices or the left voices.

On the internal security front, the Kashmir problem has been proven well that it is only an Islamic problem and yet our governments treat it as non-religious issue for the sake of secularism. The talk about 370 seems to have vanished in the desire to share power. The jijya tax paying continues with no end in sight even though we see generations of Islamic Kashmiri Youth are getting radicalized. On the naxal front there seems to be a hesitation among the various CMs and most seem to be on the same page on how to deal with the Left Wing terrorism. The fear of Human Right activists is making the government go in circles. The presence of Urban naxals has been clear but the government is doing little to exterminate the Urban naxals and their sympathizers. It is possible to take along a person who wants a better India for all but it is not possible to take along people who want destruction of India as it exists with its diversity. Leftists are the second type of people.

The rule of law has been a joke in this country and the Modi government cannot be blamed because inequality is ingrained in our constitution. It was hoped that Modi would bring in a balance in the equality of all citizens but much to the dismay of the people his ministers, minions and his CMs are going at breakneck speed to increase the inequality. The interventions based on false data, analysis and the loud noises have only increased the distortions in the society. Modi government is chickening out every time the reservation talk gets louder and noisy and it only due to the wrong knowledge flow that is taking place. The state leadership is also failing in taking the control of the knowledge and information flow but seem to have surrendered this important activity to India haters.

The rule of law is a wide ranging subject and shall encompass everything because everything is promised in the constitution but for most of the people nothing is available. Apart from the individual levels, even for the societal level the equality seem to elude most of the groups because of faulty rules being implemented by the over chickened state governments. In the areas of business the clarity still seems to elude and the ministers concerned does not seem to bother too much. One minister takes a step forward and immediately with a lot of urgency another minister takes 10steps back and the progress seems to be going in circles instead of straight line. It appears all the time that India is progressing at a fast pace only to realize that we are the coming back to the same spot again.

If one were to rank the BJP government in the scale of MMS government, PVN government, ABV government then Modi@3 might be closer to ABV government but still has a lot to travel to surpass the PVN government. History will be really harsh on Modi because it is still controlled by Leftists and only 2years are left and Lollipop justice would not be sufficient because BJP knows only to give one lollipop while the secular parties can give tons of lollipops and are experts at it. Bharat has existed and progressed due to great leadership but in the modern times the progress has happened in spite of the leadership. Modi@3 has little time left to make significant contributions to the nation in equal opportunities and rule of law for all because it needs great political capital and Modi is the richest person in this matter.

It is one thing to remove the beacons from the vehicles and it is completely different to make every citizen equal in the eyes of the government. The area where Modi@3 spends his political capital will determine the course of our country for the next decade because a lot of people have dumped all most of their hopes on him based on his past performance. I for one sincerely hope that Vikas agenda can wait for future and everything else can wait and Modi should spend his precious political capital in bringing equality and Rule of Law to all the citizens.

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