March 19, 2019

Modi – Motivator and Mentor

MP MLA #GiveUpSalary

We have seen the power of our PM Shri Modi in whatever he does. Specially when he makes a public appeal. It could be from Red Fort for Make in India or just a Tweet for Selfie with Daughter. The results are mind boggling. PM Modi is different from other politicians. His personal and inter personal skills are great and he knows how to connect with different age groups. He has created various platform including Mann Ki Baat to communicate. Thus, creating a genuine image of a Mentor and not just a PM.

Some of the initiative and appeals that will have a lasting impact on the society and the economy are the:

Jan Dhan Yojna,

Mudra Bank,

And Give it Up for surrendering LPG subsidy.

Now let us discuss some more serious issues. We know there short service commission jobs in Defence. They put their life for the nation. Yes a Senior journalist may argue otherwise. Refer screen shot.


These MP and MLA get lifetime benefits plus security plus perks. Why do they come to Parliament and Vidhan Sabha? On record they are passionate about social service, DESH SEVA. That is great music to ears. But why do they want salary when on record they disclose crores as their assets and in banks? Why can’t they surrender?

Majority of them have hefty bank balances. And majority of them are  rags to riches story in short time. Why do they need perk and life long benefits?

Compare this with Short Service Commission jobs in defence and their their benefits.

Politicians who hold their political positions in the safe confines of the capital, protected by these very same men &  women, receive much more as compared to men in defence services 5 yrs. Does it make any sense?

You motivated common people to give up subsidy, please motivate MPs to give up salary, perks and security.

A citizen having more than INR 10 lacs of annual income is not eligible for Gas Subsidy. So why MP, MLA and MLC should get salary if they are successfully running business and other ventures. Why can’t they donate their salary to any social cause of their choice?

PM asked for zero balance in Jan Dhan Account and citizens ended up depositing thousands of crores in savings account. PM asked for surrendering gas subsidy and nation responded with a massive number of over 1 crore surrender.

Ones who are really poor can continue to take but crorepati need to prove.

It can’t be made compulsory but if he could make a request it would be a matter to be seen, the real Samaj Seva most of the politicians claim to do.

This is a litmus test. Let us see how many would #GiveUpSalary

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