March 22, 2019

Modi Needs us NOW more than 2014: Connect the Dots

2014 general elections was the time when Bhakts were working 24 x 7 to ensure Modi becomes the PM. From that time till date a lot has changed and at high speed. The very fact that there are no scam, opposition, anti Modi media, anti India NGOs, arm chair activists, etc all have come together bring Modi down at any cost. In the bargain even if the Nation’s interest is compromised they are not bothered.

Frustration is building up in all these camps. Modi government could find it easy to attack launch pads of terrorist in POK but it is becoming difficult to control the dirty tricks department of anti India forces. FOE is not a Blank Cheque.



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We have not recovered from illegal Bangladeshis and we have one more problem to attend. 

Arrest all who engaged in giving these people shelter in our country.


All are playing their roles consistently. Objective is the same. Eliminate Modi, If not that, defame Modi.


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Screenshot_2016-11-28-17-17-50 Screenshot_2016-12-03-19-26-18


And why not, bash Modi as much you can for the simple reason when Hon. Supreme Court of India is also in the race, it gives them more fire power.

Screenshot_2016-11-19-18-28-02  Screenshot_2016-11-27-12-42-22

Add to it Editor’s Guild is openly playing it’s role.


Muscle power is on full display. 


Height is even the state police is speaking out of turn.


And why not, when Didi is openly anti Modi and anti Hindus.


While Bhakts will do whatever is required, a lot has to be done by Modiji and spokes person on various forums. Support is useless if it is not complimented in fitting terms and explicit.


There are people on Social Media and WhatsApp group discussing size of the queue outside ATMs, worried about every single petty mistakes some even discuss photograph of railway officers photograph with broom and no kachra. Come on …. grow up. What do you want? Think about the future of kids. We can’t afford to have Kashimiri Pandits Exodus turn into Hindus Exodus into sea. Wake Up. Time is changing very fast. It is so fashionable to say I am a Secular Indian. It is utter non – sense.

We need to be a Nationalist first, SECULARISM will follow.

If that doesn’t gets dinned into the head then take lesson from this widow of the Martyr.


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