April 26, 2019

MODI & TRUMP – Incomparable Duo !!!

The LIBERALS must be turning in their graves and those that haven’t died of shame must be having a queasy churn in their guts. The source of their awkward state-of-mind is non other than MODI, their pet hate.

Those doomsayers that were quick to write MODI’S political obituary immediately after his election as Prime Minister have by now realised to their consternation, that MODI is here to stay and that the queasy uneasiness that bothers them isn’t about to go away any time soon.

The past few months stood witness to great democracies going to polls and while one chose a Right winger, the other elected a Moderate.

Media, including Indian ones, decried the election of Trump but heaped praise on the French for electing Macron – the Liberal media was happy that Macron bucked the trend of Right-wing resurgence.

Our intellectuals (mind you -they call themselves intellectuals !!!) are gleefully watching Trump’s topsy-turvy satire that seems to be headed towards ‘Nowhere land’ .

Trump’s reign began with lots of hope but his ‘Covfefe’ style approach to governance and abrasive diplomacy isn’t helping the cause of Right-Wing resurgence.

The happenings in American politics has kept alive the hopes of liberals in India, they hope against hope that something similar happens to MODI. They have been sincerely praying for the past three years for reversal of fortunes , but unfortunately for them MODI continues to march ahead, going from strength to strength.

By now, hope the Liberals aren’t daft  enough not to realise that MODI and TRUMP aren’t on the same page – the trajectories of both leaders are different, their vision for their respective nations are different and the path adopted are different. The only similarity is that they are the products of the same ideology. The Communists and the Liberals should realise that if Trump goes down, he goes down alone – he is not taking MODI with him, because although the ideology is similar, the approach of the two leaders are contrastingly different.

The dissimilarities aren’t just limited to the two leaders, there are glaring dissimilarities between the Media of the two countries. While the American Media goes for the kill at every TRUMP misstep (TRUMP has given them ample opportunity ), Indian media thrives on the hope of a MODI misstep .

‘ Look , I told you so ‘, a oft used phrase by the media and the Opposition to tell the public how wrong they were to have elected MODI, is slowly losing traction. The activities of the fringe , the aggression of the Gau Rakshak’s and sectarian unrest at some places haven’t distracted MODI from the core agenda of development.

His detractor’s habit of magnifying every little incident, portraying it as something horrendous that’s befallen our Nation are turning out to be hollow rhetoric. Rumour & hearsay are peddled as Journalism , similarly baseless allegations are the best the political opponents are able to manage against MODI.

The myopic vision of the pessimists makes it difficult for them to be pragmatic .

They continue to live in denial, they continue to think that MODI is bad, they continue to believe that the country is regressing , they continue to fret about the rise of Hindu fundamentalism.

‘They reek of pessimism from every pore of there bodies’ – such people,  blessed with ‘eternal negative energy’ , deserve to be IGNORED.

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