May 24, 2019

Modi Wave Vanishes?

On 11/12/18 the Modi wave vanished completely without a trace. This is not surprising because as we all know that every wave is only a flash in the infiniteness of time and there is a cycle for everything. A wave will repeat after some time but can Modi wave repeat again? For the most pessimistic people, Modi wave might not repeat and for the hyper optimistic ones, there would be Yogi wave and for the so called unbiased ones, there would be Devendra wave or some other named wave. But for jokers there is always Pappu wave.

Many individuals have surfed the Modi wave and enjoyed the power which they knew they could never have achieved except for being in right party at the right time. A few have miscalculated and has lost out and those greedy ones have worked overtime to dent the prospects of the BJP one way or other. The voters were happy to keep various politicians at home for a variety of reasons and the eco chambers keep repeating their own noises forever.

If the state elections are any barometer over the government at the center, then the first half of the Modi government should have been considered as a block buster. In reality it was. But the last part of the government is getting shocks. Can it be due to the effects of the actions of the Modi government that people are feeling the heat rather slowly? The truth may be anything but what matters is the approach of the campaigners in chief of BJP – Modi, Shah.

A lot of elections have been fought and a few have been won and a few have been lost. All the victories and defeats are part of the election but there are some angles to the BJP’s political fortunes that make it most interesting. For the BJP of 2004, the secular allies have deserted the party in the hope of greener pastures, literally green and pastors. The RSS now has begun to make all kinds of circus like comments in time of crucial elections. Many of the BJP ministers are acting like jokers of the pack dancing to the tunes of bigger jokers. VHP too has made a show while being silent for quite a long time.

Lights, bulbs, gas connections, bank accounts are all important but even the beggar and the billionaire go visit a small god in the temples to show their respects. The places of gods matter as much as all other material items on the planet. It is not that a poor man forgets the gods worshipped by his ancestors. Even our brother of Sentinel island remember their ancestor’s way of life and those who forget get converted. People are emotional and are not as materialistic as some politicians and their fan boys think. Material things matter but so do other aspects of the human life.

Too many things are at work to stop the Modi wave and many seemed to have succeeded but when will the Modi wave rise is matter of time. All it takes is one better speech and before that some rest. People are more aware and people are more connected and it makes easier for lies to spread. Discontent increases. Many people are still not convinced about the reason to vote for Modi. It is purely not vikas nor it can be purely Ram. But when one religion and its issues are abused by words by the agencies of the constitution, it will only rebound with double the force. Insults will not be tolerated directly from near ones because it hurts more.

Modi did not ride the Vikas wave. Modi was the wave himself. People thought that Vikas rode it and only Vikas should ride. It is time to make way for Ram and only Ram will cause the wave to rise. Vikas worked doubly hard but Ram has his own mysterious ways. Only Ram knows who will build the temple and it would be the miracle if Rahul builds one. But we Indians have to make the way to get what we want. Only Modi wave vanished, we are there and Modi is here. HARD WORK TIME STARTS AGAIN.

Picture Credit: Laughing Jawan 


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