April 24, 2019

MODI’s Midas Touch, Ground Reality and Patience of HINDUS: UP

Results of  elections in Uttar Pradesh will decide a lot of reforms in the near future and also 2019.

Successful gathering in Lucknowof around 10 lacs people is an excellent thing to happen for academic interest but what about the ground reality.

Similar gathering were seen during Bihar elections. At the end of the day at state level voters go on different level of thinking, which is not new. And if that is the case MODIji and AMIT Shah should do some ground work.

How many of their sitting MPs and MLAs have been active in their constituency, what Yadavwere the issues people in their constituency faced that hit the HEADLINES of print media and never reached Electronic media, though Power Minister has been claiming a lot of things, ground reality in UP for a city like JHANSI that has NTPC plant… always has bad summer.

High time to pull up state BJP and it’s incharge. Last year during two day state executive meet in Jhansi, local MP and Cabinet Minister Uma Bharti and another big name Yogi Adityanath were not present. Infighting will kill the momentum.

Ones who are regular BJP MLA don’t care for their constituency and the ones who are turncoats, but have won on BJP ticket are equally not bothered. MODI can’t be the blank cheque. Imagine a situation if Congress and Akhilesh lead SP join hands, there is no scope for BJP. Muslims have always been loyal to SP and that is one fact BJP can’t afford to forget. 2014 was different story  and is behind us.

Communal clashes have been a routine thing and gs unreported most of the time. The only difference that SP has been sensible enough to is maintain safe distance from the way Mamta Banerjee carries herself in public. Else, the difference is not much.

10155934_604239982987222_1193518958_n (2)Muslim appeasement and suppression of their crime has to be spoken by BJP openly. No one is interested in development gyaan. It is accepted and people believe in MODI and the PM MODI for it.

Withthe on going experience of KERALA and West Bengal the HINDUS in all non BJP ruled states are having tough time. MODI and PM MODI has to show tangible results against all who have done damage to HINDUS. Besides Hindus in Kerala, West Bengal and UP, entire nation has been begging for safety of HINDUS in these states but MODi and PM Modi has not shown any tangible results. Loss of UP to BJP in state elections will decide the future of nation. It is bound to go IMG_20161222_134422_346West Bengal way. To have three states that are supported by communal agenda and creates Hindus exodus will result in social issues that no one can imagine. If state government fails to protect the citizens then it is the duty of Central Government to protect in whatever way possible without wasting time. Press Conference, Bandhs, Protest March have limits and will never protect the lives of helpless and innocent people. Amount of content that has already gone viral or social media and WhatsApp is good enough to spoil the goodwill for BJP.

Today people in UP are not interested in malda (2)Ram Mandir, they are interested in law and order. Even electricity can wait. Crime Rate in 2015 (UP) registered lowest number of cases under IPC. Yes only 112 as per NCRB data. But there are substantial number of cases registered under Special and Local Law (SLL). Typically the reason of avoiding to put IPC in several cases could be to escape the actual picture of the state. UP also has the highest percentage of rape cases as compared to rest of India.

The speeches of TEAM BJP including PM needs to have to focus on law and order backed up by tangible action in West Bengal and Kerala. Balancing act will  lead no where and punching bag Rahul may have last laugh by helping SP win UP.IMG_20160722_232324

Screenshot_2016-10-17-21-33- Screenshot_2016-10-17-21-34-10

Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas has to be rephrased to Sabka Desh Sabkee Surakshaa. The way West Bengal is moving and central government is giving is lip service, one day Didi will turn around and say Which West Bengal? She has openly supported Anti India and Anti Hindu agenda. Same is the situation in UP. A HOLY event Allahabad Kumbh has Azam Khan as the head. Sufficient water is not allowed on the ghats…..the list is endless.

Indira Gandhi used Gareebi Hatao naara beyond a point without delivering. Modiji is using Development beyond a point after proving the same. Time to accept reality. Nip it in the bud. Go after news traders. Talk like Trump. If the PM can take tuff decision like Demonetisation then why not action against all who have been killing and protecting HINDUS? 

Trust BJP will go back to drawing board and work on ground realities and not attendance of the public rally.

Least said the best. Shall use lines of Bashir Badr to communicate the message……

Kuchh to majbooriyan rahi hongi
Yun koi bewafa nahin hota

Guftgu un se roz hoti hai
Muddaton samna nahin hota

Raat ka intezar kaun kare
Ajkal din mein kya nahin hota

Picture Credit: Screenshots of Tweeples and WhatsApp


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