May 19, 2019

Modi’s Mission Impossible

The journey of Modi’s Mission Impossible started with the people who wanted to see NaMo as PM of India. No need to write what they did. Once it was done then next task was to get him elected with thumping majority. And the moment it was done all eyes were on NaMo to deliver.

Bhakts keep close vigil 24 x 7 to ensure News Traders get fitting reply with evidence. And unlike oppositions Bhakts are an impatient lot. They don’t waste a second in criticizing any wrong move also remotely. The best example is MoU between group company of NDTV and Ministry of Textiles.

NaMo initially as it appears was observing and creating his jobs to do list for the first 18 months or so. That doesn’t mean that he did not deliver during this period. The picture on his canvas was clear and he invested in networking with global leaders negotiating best terms in the interest of the Nation apart from some major initiatives back home as well. His team is also working tirelessly. Some big names do need mention here are Smt. Sushma Swaraj (she is undergoing medical treatment, may God bless her with good health), Shri Nitin Gadkari, Shri. Suresh Prabhu, Shri Piyush Goyal, Smt. Smiriti Irani.

News Traders and opposition kept themselves busy with stupid stories like value of the suit he wore and his foreign trips. None had the guts to criticize Rahul Gandhi when he goes in isolation even today. That apart NaMo has a road map that is a mix of short terms and long term goals. Each complementing need of the hour and has a bandwith to go to any extent. What was not done by celebrated Economist and Stamp PM Shri Manmohan Singh is being done by NaMo. A political party who forcefully gave us Emergency and ROTI KAPDAA MAKAAN is reduced to appeasing minorities for survival.

Modi’s Mission Impossible is well defined. He is not dictating terms. He is creating grounds for a constructive society. Be it Jan Dhan accounts for poor people, or Skill India, or Make in India…………..or Surgical Strike, or Demonetisation, NaMo is incharge of a chariot that is not supposed to get carried away with greenery. If that happens the chariot will fall and break.

Pakistan that used to boast about their Nuclear assets are on their knees. The people who always lived in cash dealing are now busy trying to find shelter in some amnesty scheme or busy burning their 500 and 1000 and will add to pollution and then Kejriwal will blame NaMo for that even.

There is clear threat to NaMo’s life. But that is not new. Remember how Nitish Kumar refused to provide a bullet proof car for him when Namo was scheduled to visit Patna for a rally at Gandhi Maidan. Despite bomb blasts he went ahead with the rally.

Demonetisation is a complex task. People are happy despite some problems. Encounter is inevitable when terrorists are chased. Demonetisation is encounter of people involved in Black Money. Black Money is oxygen of political parties, criminals and so many anti social and anti national organisation. Citizens are desperately waiting for Benaami Properties to be attached now.

First time the citizens are happy despite problems. And why not? First time they are seeing FEAR in the eyes of high and mighty. Instead of joined hands asking for mercy they are doing drama of talking for the common man. Sorry we are not fools. The BANDH is not for us. Come out of air conditioned rooms without security guards, may be under cover also. Hear what people are saying. Positive response by the people to Demonetisation is a slap on the opposition.

The writer would like to praise Modiji in DESI style. Sahi pakde hain… your batting is excellent. The fielders (opposition and Pakistan) have no role to play. I can see mix of Rahul Dravid’s straight drive (Jandhan Yojna), Sachin Tendulkar’s cover drive (Skill India) and Virendra Sehwag’s six on a good length ball (Demonetisation).

The rule of the game has changed. No SOURCES, no reactive approach. Now NaMo is batting and opposition is appealing LBW on every ball.

We are enjoying this game. Mission Impossible.  

Picture Credit: Zee News


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