May 19, 2019

Money and Muscle Power is What Elite Understands….SLB

C3Ql_V_XAAQPdslIt has not happened for the first time and it is not the last time as well. Money and Muscle Power is what the Elite Understands. Before we discuss Bollywood, let us go in flashback and see what was the outcome of the weak  and poor in the past. Where do we start? :-))

Best we start from our History. What Say……Ok. Here we go……

There were genuine freedom fighters IMG_20170128_205518_913and there were freedom fighters. The genuine ones had freedom as one goal there was Jawahar Lal Nehru who fought with Gandhiji after loosing to Sardar Patel for the post of first PM. Gandhiji actual experiment with Truth is difficult to understand. His submission to force prevailed and we pay price till date. What Nehru did is now for all to read from Declassified papers from our PMO and from Russia.

IMG_20170128_205549_588China war is another case in point. Distortion of History and Hindu bashing started without delay. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and now Sonia Gandhi. The graph of Muslim appeasement has gone in space. You just can’t see the end of the line. Others are in competition. Pick up any political party including BJP, none are left behind.

Before election all political parties were scaring the masses that if PM MODI comes to power there would lot of unrest and that minorities will not be safe. Little did Hindus realize that they would be the only ones at receiving end. Be it UP Kerala or West Bengal, Hindus are at receiving end, their culture, festivals are at receiving end. That is the political side.

COrLXHnVAAEnYcoLet us check some other cases as well. IMG_20170128_205606_104What happened to the constable who was along with Salman Khan? Yes poor chap he died and no one to stand by him. Not even a NGO. Fatwa was issued against AR Rahman and none in Bollywood stood by him. Everyone in Bollywood were hiding in rat hole. No, Kejriwal did not make a statement.

IMG_20170128_222331_396HINDUS deserves to be kicked. For years the political parties and bollywood have made IMG_20170129_200543_471fun of them but they would still fight to get tickets of the film first day first show. BLACK BUCKS is a case that should be eye opener. Kanhaiya shouting anti India slogans at JNU last year on February 9 is another. Illiterate historians who have little clue of our culture have become voice of our culture and leading newspapers give them space without fear is the result. Violence is no doubt a tool to get work done. But what has the Judiciary over the years taught us?

hindusThe judgements are given keeping in mind what community you belong to? If that was not the case, either judgement on Dahi Handi would not have happened or if it had to be delivered the way it is then kids in Moharram would also be part of the judgement.

Come HOLI, Ganpati and Deepawali entire anti Hindu brigade IMG_20170129_200603_526wants to give us GYAAN. Waterless Holi, Eco friendly Ganpati and crackerless Deepawali. Some NGOs are armed with gadgets to measure decibel level even. Where do they go during Eid? Why don’t they measure decibel level five times a day? There is High Court ruling for religion on the restriction. Main roads are blocked for friday Namaz. Did any NGO ever raise voice for that. But yes if they get stuck for 10 minutes during Ganpati visarjan then ………

IMG_20170129_200619_595Editors Guild was seen in full throttle supporting NDTV but was seen missing from scene whenever UnSung journalists were murdered. Leave it for the readers to ponder.

Coming to the point, violence is not solution but it is being forced on HINDUS. Reality is, it has not yet started. For months HINDUS areIMG_20170129_200744_193 butchered in West Bengal and Kerala and the numbers of killings have surpassed the patience level.  Neither the judiciary nor the central government is using its discretionary powers to protect HINDUS. To add fuel to fire the ministers of the ruling government want to play peace maker. What if  the tortured get united and hit back. Will it be termed as taking law in hands? Or will be treated as acting in self defense because the central government gave lip service and did few odd BANDH, and judiciary has time to attend to hear lesser important cases but not enough time to act SUO MOTU on appeasement of minorities.

A dentist is chased and brutally killed in broad day light in front of family and no one in political circle made a statement, forget about going to his him despite the fact that it Delhi NCR but for fabricated Rohit V they can travel to AP.

SLBWhat is the need for for Mr. Naidu to speak without knowing the entire thing. Did he speak for AR Rahman? If  PM MODI says that congress has used MUSLIMS and minorities for vote bank politics then let it be clear BJP is no less. It is using HINDUS as vote bank and will not do anything. SABKA SAATH SABKA VIKAS is a big big joke. I have written many times earlier I say again without mincing words. SABKI SURAKSHA SABKA VIKAS, nothing less than this is expected from a leader of his caliber. Development is a given, no doubt on that front.

With regards to Bollywood the fear of Dawood is phenomenal. We all have seen how bollywood lined up in Dubai to perform. And the ones who have issue and so upset with just one slap on SLB need to answer why they were not so vocal when AR Rahman was facing fatwa?

High time PM MODI spoke and acted  like President TRUMP. Too much balancing will not lead anywhere. Be proactive, it seems President Trump has observed PM Modi and decided to upstage him in terms of delivery on Poll promises. JALLIKUTTU is a WAKE UP call. So many burning issues are there in schools and colleges that keep coming up on social media. Child beaten in school for putting Mehandi, some other part in south a missionary school beating a child for putting Tilak, conversions are happening rampantly, the list is long.

Ones who have muscle power have the last laugh. Be it SHARAD PAWAR or AAMIR KHAN.

One question that anyone who would dislike my writing needs to answer. How is it all these good for nothing celebrities get PM Modi appointment and common man has to struggle just to find source. What kind of site is My Gov and what kind of people are handling it enjoying the power. The site has a drop window to write grievances but no place to seek an appointment with PM. I wrote to Akhilesh Mishra, no reply. And now heard Amit Malviya is in charge. The site remains the same. People don’t mind waiting but at least give a simple mechanism to give appointment.

Have met so many traffic police officers and other ranks in the past, asked them a simple question. Why don’t they tow vehicles from Muslim dominated areas the way they do in rest of Mumbai. Answer is the same, political pressure .

IMG_20161223_083635_085The government has to wake up and take proactive measures. Policing can’t be one sided. Fake historians can’t have a free run. Muslim appeasement will not work as time has changed. NGOs and Bollywood need to unite and government of India should chip in to make a film on all aspect of ISLAM. I would love to have MAHESH BHATT as the director and SHREYA GHOSHAL kinda who outraged recently to lend her voice for playback singing. Anyone for it? COWARDS unite using muscle and money power. Weaker ones are sidelined or silenced.                                                       Screenshot_2016-08-08-14-51-29

As if illegal Bangladeshis were not enough, Rohingya muslims were purposely made to settle in J & K by UPA. They are gone now UPA government is there for over two and half years. What have they done about it. Not a statement from Home Minister. Where are we heading? Person threatening the PM  is not arrested how are HINDUS going to feel safe. fatwa

For PK video clips were taken from many places for the film. Sri Sri was taken into confidence 1for a shoot. What did he and other Hindu temple trusts get in return? PK showed the Devotees in bad light in the film. Will Aamir Khan or ANYONE in the industry have the guts to show devotees at a Mazaar in bad light? Forget about a film. Aamir Khan can’t face me or anyone from RWs for a real Satya Mev Jayatey.

Giving just one small example, Pravin Darekar has a case of over 100 crores of fraud when he was MLA on MNS ticket. BJP made some noise. Now he is MLC on BJP ticket…. let us not fool around.

I have a list of appeasement and would not be possible to share in article. Willing to share on request. If I am going over board, take the list and show GOVERNANCE.

Some might still argue that so many NGOs license is cancelled, land is identified in Kashmir for KP’s. My simple question is WHY HINDUS LIVING IN FEAR? Answer that and we can connect………’


Anyone in BJP or in judiciary who wants to tell the Nation that everything is under control, need to arrest this person to start with. Ordinary people are picked up even now without any warrant.

Time to talk business. Time to force SABKI SURAKSHA SABKA VIKAS. 

Picture Credit: Screenshot from Tweeples friends, without them all articles are incomplete.


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