May 20, 2019

Monkeys day Out. Rescue Agency busy passing the Buck

What do you do when a group of monkey enter a residential area?

Obvious answer is call for government agencies to come for rescue. Report based on inputs received from the residents.

For last 4 days around 15 housing complex in Thakur Village in Kandivali East Mumbai adjoining  Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) are home to group of monkeys. The place has  around 10 thousand Upper middle class family and they are facing their  terror day and night. The Gang of Monkeys, the wild attack which is normally once or twice a year is getting common these days. These gang of aggressive and agitated monkeys creates havoc in the area putting the residents terrorised, they enter flats looking for food & attack people.

The phone calls and  complaints has no impact, SGNP does not react as they say its outside their jurisdiction,  Forest official does not have enough personnel and they promote Private Monkey Catchers and even try to earn some bucks. NGOs & PETA India are found to be interested only in social gatherings instead of these wild animals. In short there is no help available.

MITRA a proposed umbrella residents association in Thakur Village tried every trick and every contact at disposal to get rid of these monkeys but in vain. This is what some members had to say…

(1) Thakur Village at Kandivali East is  victim of a different form of terrorism due to its proximity to SGNP. Some time back we had leapords roaming at Ekta Medows. Recently  several residential complex eg.N. G. Suncity – Bhoomi valley etc. have been terrorised by a group of monkeys.

These monkey’s have been entering flats even on 14th floor causing havoc to the residents. Children are scared of playing in the compound and several residents have been attacked by monkeys.

Residents Association of Thakur Village ‘Mitra’ has vehemently tried to seek help from SGNP official but in vain. It seems these officials are least bothered.

The only hope with the residents now is to pray to the monkey God lord Hanuman and hope that he will rescue them from these terrorists.

Manoj Nigam- Convener Mitra & Chairman N. G. Suncity Phase II.

(2) The families of our society continue to remain terrorised with the threat of the monkey breaking into our homes and attacking the IMG-20160830-WA0007residents. There have been several incidents where the monkey has managed to open the kitchen Window and enter the flats. Our calls to SGNP  have resulted with a “Do ghanta ruko, Apne aap Chala jayega” kind of response. Residents don’t know what to do or where to go when these authorities themselves are not willing to help
Ranjit Bhatti
Chairman Bhoomi Valley CHS
Co-founder HRCWA and MITRA

Residents of thakur village,  specifically societies in the vicinity of SGNP,  like NG SUNCITY PHASE 1, 2,  3 AND BHOOMI VALLEY IMG-20160830-WA0008are the worst affected. PARENTS ARE SCARED OF ALLOWING THEIR CHILDREN TO VENTURE OUT EVEN IN DAY TIME.
Various complaints to concerned authorities have fallen on deaf ear.
Sanjay Sabarwal -Treasurer NG SUNCITY PHASE 1

(4) The Residents of my society Marigold and our Complex are terrorised by Gang of monkeys…They are entering in the houses with group and attacking residents. This is regular activity by them…we approached many civic authorities and registered our complaints, unfortunately no response from them…They are tossing this issue to each other..It is necessary to get single contact point to resolve this issue…
..Chittaranjan Devkar
Chairman Fed of Valley of Flowers and co- founder of ” MITRA”

Under such circumstances there is an appeal from residents to state government, they just want one point contact during such crisis as every department tosses their responsibilities to others. Residents look forward to state government and BMC action.


13087467_10153443621851254_3675254032979117042_nAs told to Team NV by Mr. Durgesh Wagle . Resident of NG Sun City Phase 2 ( Managing Committee member) and Co Founder of MITRA 

Twitter: @durgeshwagle

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