May 23, 2019

#MoralPolicing: Skirting The Issue!


A Bishop’s retrogressive diktat on skirts is well within “Liberal” limits but a Yogi’s crackdown on eve teasers becomes a “Moral Policing” menace. Whether Bishop or Bhushan, the hypocrisy has always been there, the only difference is the liberal megaphone becomes louder only in few cases.


People like Prashant Bhushan who abuse Hinduism should be incarcerated. FIR has been lodged. FIRs would not suffice unless and until these morons are put behind bars. No one has  absolute right to freedom of expression. Hinduism and Hindu Gods and Goddesses are not experimental laboratory to unleash filth in name of FoE. If, at all, Bhushan wants to display his “bravado”, let him do on Prophet and Islam. 72 Virgins would welcome him with open arms!!!



There is a deliberate effort by champions of liberalism to defame Hinduism. Deafening silence when it comes to malpractices of other religious faiths.



Demented Bishops and Maulvis need to be checked. They are propagating stupidity from religious perch to secure their turf. Champions of women empowerment, time to wake up and get cracking on Maulvis and Bishops.


No need to worry about Yogi. He is just implementing ” Sankalp Patra” without any prejudice.

Moral policing is a term coined by the elite so that the can use it selectively for their own conveniences. Shouldn’t there be a check for people who utter derogatory language? Bishop’s call for “No-Skirts” in God’s Own Country is justifiable because its not governed by BJP. Hypocrisy has been draped in a new “Secular” fabric. So, all is well and hunky- dory. Yogi calls for dress code in UP government offices. Liberals and intellectuals go crazy.

Anti-Secular squad is needed to handle people like Kerala Bishop and Prashant Bhushan who are causing damage to the social and cultural fabric of the country. Their immorality needs to be policed. Peiod!

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter, TOI


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