May 20, 2019

Most Corrupt Departments: Any Guess

Demonetisation is a big success story. Many may like to see the success and failure of the process from the prism of how many ATMs are open now, how much is the weekly limit, etc. For the ones who were waiting to announce their judgement using some old Screen Shot and say “Look I already knew and had actually tweeted also that this is going to be a big failure” will have to eat their words in the near future.

There are many who thought that the amount being deposited in the Bank is directly proportional to the White Money the nation has got. Now on they can keep the .xls ready with Debit and Credit columns, after every raid and also once Benami Property is identified they can get their own score card on the success.

The journey to identify Black Money has started with Pan India raids and now in the process of picking up Big Fish. Elephant Footprints are found in a Bank Branch at Karol Bagh. Their party slogan “Savjan Hitaay, Sarvjan Sukhaay”. Amongst the most vocal opposition leaders Arvind Kejriwal, Didi and Behanji have a lot of explanation in the coming months.

Another political party symbol “Twin Flowers in Grass” and party slogan ‘Ma Maati Manush’. The process of pollination has worked on two parameters. First is Muslim Appeasement and Second is Corruption. And as for the Slogan Ma Maati Manush ….. least said the better. The news of Rose Valley investigation is good news for Manush.

Most Indians believe that civil police is the most corrupt department. But Demonetisation has opened debate on one least expected function. Yes “Banking”. Feel sorry for Shri Tejinder Bagga who in all his sincerity did a lot of publicity for hard working Bankers. That doesn’t mean all Bankers are corrupt. But the issue is this is one function no one expected to be Chupa Rustam. 

So where do we stand?

PWD, Police, Municipal Corporation, Railways, Banking, Panchayat, etc. The list can be endless. But the root cause of all this corruption is Political Parties. Whatever has happened in past is fine but going forward political parties should not be allowed to take even a single rupee in cash. Why not put Political Parties as No 1 before any government department till such time the mess is not cleared. Isn’t this the genesis of all corrupution.

Picture Credit: LOVE=Faith+Hope


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