April 24, 2019

Mother ship of malaise that affects Indian Polity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi termed Pakistan as Mother ship of terror at BRICS Goa summit. The term Mother ship has caught imagination of Mr Kapil Sibal so much so that he cooked up a reason to paint BJP with a violent brush. Sibal terms BJP as mother ship of violence. Irony died a thousand deaths. Sibal conveniently forgets the Sikh genocide under Congress rule.

Congress symbolizes everything wrong with Indian polity. It would not be an exaggeration if Congress is branded as Mother ship of Malaise which has crippled the way politics has been done in the country. Divide and rule is still the hallmark of dynasty. Vote bank politics and casteist agenda has always been the core of Congress strategy. For the upcoming Uttar Pradesh election, Sheila Dixit’s Brahmin credentials is being exploited to the hilt to woo upper caster votes. Dalit upliftment never happened but Dalit Tourism did happen during Rahul’s regime. Minority appeasement does not lead to minority development. Congress mantra has always been to offer platitudes to minorities with little or no developmental vision. The state of minorities in India after decades of Congress rule speaks a lot about oldest party’s tricks.

Parties at regional and national level have taken a leaf out of Congress Malpractice Book and have outsmarted Congress at their own game. No wonder country’s oldest party is in ruins.

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