April 20, 2019

Much Ado About Mooch

Kaushik Basu, former Chief Economic Advisor to Government of India, has urged to look at corruption through the lens of law, economics and psychology. Little did he know that he did forget to point out the “M” factor. The “Mooch” factor has become the trump card for Tejasvi as he is embroiled in corruption charges. Tejasvi claims that he did not sport mooch way back in 2004( though the pictures from year 2004 speak otherwise) so he wants us to believe that he could not have done shady deals. Benami transactions are age agnostic. Any benami transaction, irrespective of age, calls for action under law. Tejasvi says he will go to people’s court . Assembly elections are not happening in short term. Before going to people’s court, he needs to go to court of law and seek respite because the prosecution would not buy flimsy “mooch” argument. Tejasvi! You need to “shave” it for later years. They say “the mooch” grows on you but the same cannot be said about intellect. Fodder for thought for animal instinct?

Tejasvi’s security men roughed up journalists who posed tough questions to deputy CM. Tejasvi said that the journalists were thrusting microphones and microphones were about to hit his nose. Microphones wanted a brush with “Mooch”? We may never know. The fact that Madam Maino dialed up Nitish to save grand alliance tells a tale about mushy “Mooch” melodrama. “Chinese whispers” have never conveyed message clearly and Rahul Gandhi knows it better than anyone else (the rendezvous with Chinese Ambassador).

The “Mooch” alibi is posing existential threat to “Mahagathbandhan”. Volleys of words are being exchanged between RJD and JDU camps. RJD faction is asserting its importance in the alliance by harping on 80 seats while JDU spokesperson Ajay Alok has said that the party would not even take five minutes to quit government because Nitish’s image is far more important than lust for power. JDU is unrelenting on its hard stance and has demanded that Tejasvi must come clean on his source of income and give point by point rebuttal to the allegations. Addressing to his constituency and putting up a façade of going to people’s court will not absolve him of financial irregularity charges.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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