February 19, 2019

Mumbai Traffic Police Proactive Approach

Speed of the engine is the speed of the train. Read this message in a conference room of a client office long back. Somehow this was still there in my memory.

Last morning on my way to work I stopped at a CNG pump at Dahisar Check Naka (Western Express Highway – Mumbai). Citizens who have CNG cars would know that refueling in such cars is a bit time consuming compared to petrol or diesel cars. Therefore, the queue is always long at the CNG pump.

What I noticed was laughable. Some cars ahead of me left the queue without entering into the CNG pump. Initially I thought that the service station has run out of gas. I got down from the car to ask the attendants there. I saw a traffic police officer making entries in a book and interacting with the vehicle owners. The attendant told me that the one’s who did not enter the CNG pump may not be having PUC certificate or some other document, hence, got scared to enter. What do I say?

I waited and spoke to Traffic Police officer. What he told me was interesting and I was proud to hear that a sensible effort and exercise is being done by the Mumbai Traffic Police. Mumbai Traffic Police Commissioner has instructed his team to collect and update the mobile numbers and name of the vehicle owners.

In case of theft, emergency or any eventuality this would come handy. Now this is a purely proactive exercise. This is great job and I am sure would go a long way in maintaining law and order.

Speed of the engine is the speed of the train. Traffic Police Commissioner has taken a good initiative and his team is doing this with conviction.

Mumbai Traffic Police deserves gratitude. Hope other city also encourage such exercise.

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