April 23, 2019


Holy Cow, the RW cannot get enough of Cow politics and BJP can never stop its favorite rhyme. But everyone wonders whose Beef is it any way?  A lot of gobar has been heaped on the BJP for its meager efforts in cow protection. The PM of India has gone along with the noise of liberals when some cow activists allegedly man handled citizens of India. Does the current PM really care for the cows or is it  merely an eyewash? From the history of the current PM, one thing is clear that he means what he says, but his minions across the party donot seem to get the point. His opponents will never get it because they are in different planes of understanding an issue.

Cow is yummy for those people who find the animal as non sacred and see it just as a food item to could be consumed. These people are present across the party lines, religious lines, caste lines, etc. But not many of these Yummy Cow people care if the cow meat on their plate is from a honest meat vendor or the meat is from a stolen cow? In most of the rural, semi-urban places there are big gangs of people operating in cahoots with the police and administration. These Yummy cow gangs would drive high end, low end and all kinds of automobiles and snatch the yummy cows from the fields, sheds, streets and there is no place safe for the yummy cows. But who cares about the cow rights when there are a thousand other illegal things on plate and what would one more illegal thing to do us.

Cow is mummy for those citizens who go by the culture and traditions of the place and are also rooted in their history. For the cow mummy people, cow is one being that nourishes us with its milk, its gobar is good for the fields and its urine is usefel for its medicinal values. Cow mummy is to be worshipped and not beaten even when it doesnot give milk and even when it wanders on the streets without anyone protecting it. The mummy cows on the streets have all disappeared and a few have gone to goshalas but most of them have been transferred into Yummy cows by people, you know who. The scale of conversion is huge but Yummy cow lovers would not care as they have no attachment for the huge animal but have a huge concern for animals that could be domesticated – dogs, cats, lions, tigers, snakes, monkeys, pigs, rats, lizards, parrots, owls, eagles, etc. But cow is meant to be eaten. Period.

The mummy yummy cow people, ie., the BJP party switching its sides all the time and PM talking about pink revolution turns all the intelligence of people into gobar. For starters BJP is no Hitler party and it would always go by the aspirations of the people. BJP is not India homogenizing organization but is one which respects the local interests of the people. Now when people of the alleged Cow belt find cow slaughter as a sensitive issue, BJP respects it and brings in a anti-cow slaughter bill and in NorthEast and elsewhere people have not much sacredness to cow, BJP goes by the aspirations of the people. Those who are confused need to realize that being a national party, it cannot apply one rule to the whole nation even when the rule is in the directive principles. The people are important and a political party should work for the aspirations of the people who are citizens.

The grassroots workers could sensitize the people about the bad effects of beef consumption and its environmental impact and hope for a change in the food habits. Now all the minion political parties have nothing else to throw at the BJP and hence they keep harping about the Mummy Yummy Cow and it will only add to the strength of the BJP. There is nothing wrong in going with what the people of India want. The great liberals could ask, who wanted anti-cow slaughter bill in UP and other places of India. The answer lies in the results of the elections, which express the will of the people.

Let the Cow be Yummy and Mummy but what we cannot forget that it too has some rights.

Picture Credit: Zee News


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