January 22, 2019

Namastey Israel

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi alighting from  the aeroplane in Israel is a moment that shall be cherished till eternity.

While some trips are routine, this is one trip of our PM that was much awaited and the world is looking at it very intently. Indians have a long history of genuine relationship with Jews. Thanks to the effort of our Late PM Shri PVN Rao and Dr Subramanian Swamy and now Shri Modi. There is no point going in the past why it took 70 years for any Indian PM to visit Israel. It is important to discuss not only the achievements of Israel but also the patience with which Israel has developed itself brick by brick. A tiny nation surrounded by enemies and sidelined by Ex US President Barak Obama has stood up against all odds.

Barring the achievements in various fields Israel has showcased that it has highest regards for Human Rights. At a recent session in United Nations when world community was taking pride in bashing Israel, none had answers to why Jews community has diminished in their country over the years. There was pin drop silence.

bibimodi-635x357_israelWorld community needs to check for themselves the contribution of Israel to mankind. What has Palestinians given? Liberals and ones who are pro Israel can keep thinking.

Israel has moved ahead in life and displayed with sheer hard work what one can achieve if the will power is there. They have show cased their talent in every field.

Agriculture, desalination in desert, space, solar, missile defence, Bionic walking assistance system to assist paraplegics to stand walk and even climb stairs, robotics for spine surgey, world’s smallest video camera .99 mm diameter designed to fit in endoscope, movement notation for for early diagnosis of autism, development of drug for Parkinson disease, development of Copaxone for treating damaged nerve cells of brain and spinal cord, amazing research in economics for which two noble prize were won, bio technology – a conductive wire made of tiny silver particles that is thinner than human hair, worlds smalled DNA computing machine, Computing – USB flash drive, Intel 8088 – first PC CPU from IBM, Laser keyboard, application for connecting customers with taxi using GPS system, GPS based geographical navigation system for smart phones, list is endless.

The ones who hate Jews need to think twice. Go ahead with your hatred, no one stops you, there is a bit of Israel in everybody’s life. Right from the time one wakes up with their smart phone, to food, computer, ordering a taxi and once in a while when one is in ICU. Throw away the smart phone and all life assisting technologies, research, development from life if you hate Israel. There is no way one can survive. If you want to obliterate Israel Physically its not possible, try eliminating all that has been listed above from your daily life, then watch who survives? It will still be Israel. Time to accept the reality and give Israel the respect it deserves.

There is little bit of ISRAEL in everyone life.

Namastey ISRAEL.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from You Tube, The Times of Israel


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