April 23, 2019

NaMo betray’s Social Media Supporters, his Core Constituency


There was no hope or possibility of Narendra Modi getting nominated as Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP. It was the ground swell of popular public support driven by a very vocal Social Media  users groups which came into being in an informal way, common cause and objective was to displace a corrupt  party and non performing  government in office, with a high performance and least corrupt party. NaMo became the face,beneficiary automatically, also because of the sustained witch hunt that congress had launched against him for 2002 riots.

No politician has ever ridden the crest for such long duration. Two important factors emerged in this period.1 was congress must not win 2014 gen election. 2. NDTV  was to ostracized for it biased and anti Modi bjp/hindu  reportage. Still recall the outrage on Social Media when ND?TV attempted to piggy back news laundry for a Google hangout with NaMo,  Modi did withdraw from this Google hang out.

Another incident that comes to mind from the same time line is, when NDTV was compelled to webcast the recording of a show that thit was to broadcast a day later. Most right wingers refused to participate in NDTV’s show, zero credibility was the stated reason. Mr. Kanchan gupta withdrew, Mr devang Nanwati, recused himself from this show, vikram Chandra was pleading with everyone on twitter in public to appear on this show, a few right wingers broke rank and appeared on the show.

News of his minister signing an MOU with NDTV for promoting handloom was the proverbial last straw on camels back. Fast and furious negative reaction on Social Media should have delivered a very empathic disturbing message home to NaMo and BJP. Too much ground has been lost, will be difficult for both to recover this.

Supporters of PM Modi and BJP are not blind followers. They applaud what deserves the applause and criticize in equal measure what deserves to be criticized.


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