March 19, 2019

Nation will Know

I have seen Times Now right from the early days. Entry of Arnab in Times Now. Struggle days of Arnab in getting the desired TRP. If you recollect a small child by the arnab_g name Prince fell in 60 feet borewell shaft. It took almost 50 hours to rescue him. Times Now covered this non stop. The TRP went up like crazy. An experiment by chance that changed everything for Arnab. To add icing to the cake NATION wants to KNOW was a tag line that became popular. I personally used it umpteen times on Twitter.

Arnab had his own share of success and say in the organisation. High handed approach is well known in media circles. His handling of Yedurappa case and in contrast Sheela Dixit case with kids gloves shall never be forgotten too. He never showed guts to go after Chidambaram even. Despite this one thing that I remember is I have sent many unconfortable tweets to Times Now and  The News Hour, no one blocked. Had it been Moral Compass and his better half blocking happens at drop of the hat.


The big question that is discussed today is who has the right to the tag line. We have seen our courts never say no to any case. This too may land up at either Hon. High Court or Hon. Supreme Court of India doors.  As far as the ordinary citizens like me are concerned we go by basic logic.  If the tag line is not patented then forget about one channel, more than one can use it.  The issue here is not the use but of professional rivalry. In the bargain two outcome are bound to happen one Arnab gets more publicity and day one Republic is assured of extremely high TRP.

I write on purpose day one only. The reason being screaming on Prime Time may have got TRP to many but this is the same screaming that took away a lot of viewership. New Avatar of Arnab in the form of a Nationalist depends on how he keeps the team happy. Running the show as an employee and as an enterpreneur is different. Regular interaction with Rahul Dravid and MS Dhoni will help him lead from the front and attrition rate would remain under control. Nation wants to Know is a term that either of the party will enjoy depending on legality. For common people it makes no difference. We have seen political leaning in all the channels. Republic is starting from the scratch. It has the opportunity to write history with some of the most respected names as consultants and editors.

In due course Nation will Know what Arnab has created. Just a carry forward from where he left of in Times Now or a totally new marketing strategy powered by sensors to keep noise pollution at bay.

Humne dekha hum dekh rahey hain hum dekhengey…Mr. Clean I think Nation wants to Know has lived it’s life. PM Modi talks about tangible things. With that thought in mind the Tag Line too should be promising. Young generation and every one in the government is in a hurry for results and deadline.

The legal battle aside. I suggest a new tag line “NATION WANTS TO SEE” results.

NATION WANTS TO SEE transparency in news, NATION WANTS TO SEE everyone treated alike, NATION WANTS TO SEE constructive debates that leave the viewers motivated, NATION WANTS TO SEE none of the Pakis are invited to the channel, NATION WANTS TO SEE that separatists are not given air time to further cause, NATION WANTS TO SEE news that shall make a difference not the race to Breaking News, NATION WANTS TO SEE follow up of serious news not fixed deposit of news day after day, NATION WANTS TO SEE NATION WANTS TO SEE NATION WANTS TO SEE NATION WANTS TO SEE…………….

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter, Times Now


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