April 20, 2019


Nationalism: patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts; an extreme form of patriotism marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries; advocacy for political independence for a particular country.

Hyper Nationalism: the belief in the superiority of one’s nation and paramount importance of advancing it.

Many of the news traders and the media popped up intellectuals believe that BJP supporters are becoming hyper nationalistic which is a danger to the fabric of our society. (http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/are-we-turning-into-a-nation-of-hyper-nationalists/article18701484.ece, http://www.countercurrents.org/sc050316.htm, http://www.livemint.com/Politics/GHImSJ9CgJfpAjyEyZ7W2L/Space-for-friendship-between-India-Pakistan-shrinking-Huss.html).

The links give hint to the attitude of a section of people who want Indians to be feeling ashamed about their present situation and never know about the glorious past. There is nothing that was added to the improvement of our life styles by the invaders that could not be invented by our own people. All the intellectual wealth has done a round tripping and is pushed back into our country and we as pseudo-nationalists in the past have been consuming all of it without any second thoughts.

Truth cannot be hidden for long and people begin to realize the reasons for the failure of their leaders in bringing prosperity to common man. India was a glorious, prosperous and peaceful nation when it had followed native traditions and the rot in the society had set in the presence of alien ideologies which had forced us to follow alien life styles or put immense pressure on common folk.  People realized that their traditions were being curbed by the governments even after the independence and native intellectuals began to spread the truth to more number of people. Now is the time when there are sufficient numbers of people with a basic knowledge of the past of India in the real sense with a point of view from all quarters.

In the definitions available for nationalism and hyper nationalism from a simple search from the world wide web there is no danger to any amount of the isms if our people followed it. The fear of the news traders and popped up intellectuals is the loss of control over the narrative and the gravy train that runs from the alien civilizations that have looted and destroyed our nation. The alien civilizations have been given bloody nose by the people of this country and it is their shame and loot of our wealth that makes these alien civilizations to work continuously to destroy our civilization. Nationalism mixed with supremacy ideologies is danger but nationalism mixed with hyper tolerant ideology is the safe.

When a rabid Islamist Kashmiri wants azadi from India that is a dangerous hyper nationalism because the truth about Kashmir is lost on the person. When a tamil chauvinist wants freedom from India based on some fantasy lemurain kingdom or something else then it is dangerous hyper nationalism. When a student makes slogans of Bharat ke Tukde it is dangerous hyper nationalism. When poor of this country claim that they are cheated by the politicians that they have voted and seek the guidance of foreign funded ngos then it is dangerous nationalism. When a person says that he cannot respect the symbols of the country then it is a dangerous hyper nationalism.

The media traders and popped up intellectuals cannot control the murders and crimes that happen but play a great role in improving the numbers. When crimes are given religious, caste and other colors and thrust on the people of this nation as hyper nationalism the joke is not lost on the citizens of this glorious nation. The world’s most tolerating and peace loving ideology, Hindiusm can never get dangerous in any possible combination of nationalism and hyper nationalism and it is only in the minds of the dangerous lie peddlers that Hinduism is danger to the society. Hindu Nationalism, Hindutva Hyper Nationalism is only grow in strength because it is the Hindu ethos that represent the civilization of India and the Hindu ethos include peace, preservation and respect to the ancestors of this land who had fought the alien invasions and have given us this country.

The news traders, their minions and masters can take a hike because more people have been getting closer to realization about the frauds of the supporters of invaders and alien intolerant ideologies.

Picture Credit: The Tribune

URL Credits: The Hindu, Live Mint, Counter Currents


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