October 22, 2018

Nationalists, Anti Nationals and Pakistan

The moment news of URI broke all forms of communication were flooded with opinions on past present and future. Hundreds of attacks have happened in the past and millions of reactions. Take away is one. We are yet to do something that would work as deterrent against Pakistan from testing our patience.

Be it learned people or ordinary citizens, everyone has a solution for the government. Learned one’s feel left out that their advice is not taken and the ordinary ones feel humiliated that they are taken for granted. The goal is same and now we have started hurting our own self. Let us stop this. A brief flashback is important to understand the frustration of all nationalist.

Nationalist worked hard before 2014 and made sure that smallest possible information that would help Modiji should be shared with rest of India. Hence, social media was flooded with information.





There are many bad memories and people have not forgotten. When people voted for Modiji (I write Modiji on purpose as the vote was for Modi not for BJP) they expected magical result. Though development has been superb and image of Indians globally has improved the common feeling amongst lower  and middle income group is not great with regard to personal savings and forced secularism. They are trying to come out of it. The frustration was there and in such an atmosphere when you have URI, you know what happens. Even Modiji fans have gone against him.

Social media and WhatsApp is flooded with posts that speak a lot on the what Nationalists and Anti National are thinking.

Between Pathankat and URI a lot of vacuum is created. The government should have been proactive in not giving any room for gossip and gyaan coming from all corners.


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Talking about vacuum, the government has left enough of vacuum in this area. Anti nationals and News Traders have made extremely good use of the opportunity. Not that the government has not done enough. Right from the time the government came to power the focus was on defence.



One area the government has failed miserably is with the team handling My Guv platform. Their focus is on achievement and infographics and to some extent logo designing and contest. Come on this is not engagement by any standards. This is one way traffic. Did this team ever bother to work on proactive strategy? At least I don’t recollect. See the outcome. There is literally infighting amongst nationalists. Ones who don’t have knowledge and still giving gyaan should be ignored. Time is lost and now only Modiji has to take charge and not allow even his ministers to talk.

Prepone and dedicate one Mann Ki Baat to address the Pakistan issue. Plans can’t be shared but tangible action that government deems fit on war footing basis is need of the hour. Ban any pakistani artist from performing in India. Ban any pakistani army man from appearing on our News Channel for debates or any seminar. The ban has to be across board Musharraf to Malala. If Pakistan is projected as messenger of peace then why allow them any space here.


The focus should shift genuinely in channelizing the energy of the nationalists.




The body language, choice of words and voice modulation has to be decent and yet warm enough to empathize with the nation. GOI has huge data base of Aadhar. Modiji should use the same to communicate with the masses. Send WhatsApp messages or short videos or even SMS or even an automated recorded audio file. Send content in regional languages. Disband the existing team of Myguv. Take charge of the situation. Let citizens feel confident by way of information.

Credit to all tweeples and friends on WhatsApp for the screenshot and content.

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