April 20, 2019

NCW – Priority is Selfie not Victim Concern

What do you expect when a team of National Commission for Women (NCW) visits the victim? The entire team would be experienced, well trained, sober and make the victim comfortable to open up and share facts with ease.

On the contrary the team headed by Ms. Suman Sharma behaved as if it was a occasion to celebrate. What discussion she had with the victim is not known but wotsapp is flooded with comments on the way, One of the team member Ms Somya Gurjar is seen taking the selfie with the victim.

Team seen in picture is all smiles.

The victim is mocked and her plight is taken in light spirit. The lady just survived a vicious attack to her body and irreparable pain to her soul and then she is subjected to further mental trauma.

Was her permission taken is what I wish to know? If a man had done this it would have been a furore. The painful fact is that the damage is done by a female holding responsible position is more disturbing.

In what capacity can this woman be called a lady? I see an insensitive, mentally ill, publicity hungry who will do anything to promote herself.

Some questions needs to be answered.

  • Is she connected to someone in state or central government? If yes, Who?
  • What is her qualification and experience? 
  • How many cases has she attended and same needs to be cross checked to find out her behaviour with the victim?
  • What corrective action will be taken to avoid this in future?
  • What disciplinary action is taken against Ms. sharma and her team present there, especially Ms. Gurjar?

Sheer warning, suspension or removal from job is not an ideal message. It has to go beyond this and leave a message so that such people are not taken into the system again.

Pic Credits: Whatsapp and Social Media 

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