April 26, 2019

Need an Act against #NewsTraders in light of “Journalists Protection Act – Maharashtra”

Killing of any citizens can never be justified on any grounds. And killing of journalists should not only be condemned but also taken head on by not only the state government but by the central government as well.

Before we get into the root cause of murders of journalists and why an Act against #NewsTraders is required we need to understand who are these journalists that are murdered and role of Editors Guild.

How many in electronic and print media covered the murders of Ram Singh Biling on January 3, 1992 in Jalandhar, Ghulam Mohd Lone August 24, 1994 in Kangan, Moolchand Yadav July 30, 2001 in Jhansi, Ran Chandar Nov 21, 2002 in Sirsa, Asiya Jeelani April 20, 2004 in Kashmir, Rajesh Mishra Mar 1, 2012 in Rewa, Rakesh Sharma August 20, 2013 in Etawah, Jagendra Singh June 8, 2015 in Shahjahanpur, Karun Mishra Feb 13, 2016 in Sultanpur. There are many journalists killed during this period. On purpose I am not sharing their names and organisations. The reason is according to me there are two types of journalists.

(1) Celebrity Journalists or ones from big media house.

(2) Unsung journalists.

I trust the nation would not have any problem with anything given to Unsung journalists. They risk their life. Go to any extent to dig news, never compromise and have no commercial or political benefits on mind.

MSM needs to give proof of news covered for the above named journalists and follow up they have done. Editors Guild too need to show proof of what they have done for these journalists. How many candle march were done. Were the stories done by these journalists for which they were killed ever followed up.

Core issue is not journalists getting protection, the core issue is #NewsTraders getting the mileage.

IMG_20170409_165210_311None other than our PM Shri Modi made his intent clear during 2014. And even our CM Shri Devendra F. I have not seen the content of the draft. What I expect now is Maharashtra government should come out with “Act against News Traders”. Our CM has walked half the distance by giving protection to the journalists. Full distance would be assumed covered when the Nation is protected from biased news, from misleading news, from selling Secularism to Hindus, from running kangaroo courts in the studios, from working against the nation in the name of media, from ……….

The way Uttar Pradesh CM has sent legal notice to National Conference is the language political parties and media understand. Anything less than that is appeasement of media.

As always sharing screen shots. First some screen shots for Hon. CM of Maharashtra. Probably this shall help getting a law for fixing the news traders at the earliest.



To make my case strong sharing few more facts.

The namaskaar should be for Unsung journalists and not terrorists.


CM MH should also remember this.


IMG_20170409_165758_129 Screenshot_2016-07-27-18-45-17

Media has spared none. 

IMG_20160715_065645_312 IMG_20160728_172100_205



Arrogant 1

Even the central government is fed up with the news traders.

Screenshot_2016-09-01-10-47-02 Screenshot_2016-08-13-09-41-51

News Traders or Prestitutes, whatever way you address they need to be brought to books. Who else can do this if the government elected by us is at Centre and at the State.
Screenshot_2016-08-20-20-58-15 Screenshot_2016-08-15-15-49-08

Secular gyaan comes only for HINDUS


IMG_20170409_165355_521 IMG_20170409_165136_780

Spineless people wants to use law and order only on law abiding citizens and surrender before the law makers. What a Shame.


I fail to understand why the hurry to even consider such an Act. Well some more screen shots are required at this juncture. The credibility of the celebrity journalists has only one synonym…. Hindu Bashing and Hate towards BJP and RSS.



Social Media support can’t be used like a toilet paper. If undue respect is given to people who deserve legal action than there is something seriously wrong.  Apology has no shelf life. Dual standards will dilute the success and good will of BJP.

Social media is most hated by News Traders. Even the CM has agreed this.

dhan rag


The Nation has identified the problem and awaiting our very own BJP government to fix it. Will we get Act against #NewsTraders ? Well by experience no. Seriously, it is a given no. I wouldn’t mind it. But do protect the genuine journalists who take risks and do justice to their profession.


Picture Credit: Screen shots from twitter.


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