May 19, 2019

Need Small Favor – No more Dossier Please

First Eliminate Enemy Within

Today’s terrorist attack in URI is one of routine type expected from Pakistan and routine on Madam Barkha Dutt to write informative tweets on ongoing action by Indian Army. Routine on many counts.

Though the citizens are wanting some kind of action and putting pressure in their own way on PM Shri. Modi and his team which is natural, this time around this is not routine and somewhere within we all know that a lesson will be taught for sure this time.

As citizen I support the government in all they wish to do with Pakistan ( the government there and the military establishment is not human they are barbarians. They can’t be engaged in dialogue they need to be eliminated this time) and will not doubt their intent even a bit.

One area where I do have my doubts is dealing with ENEMY WITHIN.

Senior journalists and other learned well wishers of the country (one who are responsible and professionals only not the NEWS TRADERS) have written enough and openly on what Modiji has to do. Now is the time to talk less and act on them. When it comes to matters of EMEMY WITHIN the citizens will stand with the PM provided tangible action are taken.

All nationalists should oppose people like Musharraf and Malala from being invited to India on any discussion forum.

I have indicated about ENEMY WITHIN in many of my earlier articles. Sharing some of them for reference and evidence once again.

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This time around I don’t want the government to send Dossier to Pakistan. It has zero value. First act against ENEMY WITHIN  and then with Pakistan. Once the damage is done to satisfaction, share the information with Nation. We will celebrate.

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