May 20, 2019

#NEET controversy, is repeated exemption to TN a solution?

There has been a huge hue and cry in TN calling for ”exemption” to TN for #NEET .this year also .

Already everybody was aware of the need for #NEET to be applicable for all states and TN is no exception – politicians in TN have been making a bogus claim that #NEET will put ”rural” students to great disadvantage and TN should be exempted permanently .

Initially TN requested and was exempted from #NEET for 2016 .

The then CM Jayalalitha wrote a letter thanking PM for exempting TN from #NEET for 2016 but requested permanent exemption citing ”Rural students and those from poorer socio-economic backgrounds will be unable to compete with urban elite students in such Common Entrance Examinations, which were designed to favor the urban elite”

Already TN was given exemption in 2016 , now again passed 2 bills in assembly unanimously asking for exemption for #NEET sent it to centre .

TN had enough time since May 2016 when the 1st exemption was given and what has been happening in TN is just ruling ADMK govt repeatedly saying they are pursuing with center and opposition parties blaming  it for inaction in getting exemption . The state had enough time to make the students prepare for #NEET but what they did was repeating that they will get exemption .

Repeatedly tn politicians keep parroting ” rural ” students will be losing out if #NEET comes . This is the pass % of plus two students in 2017 of all districts of TN –

+2 results 2017: District wise pass percentage


Just a glance shows the most backward districts of TN – Ramanathapuram and Dindigul have a better pass % than Chennai ( Chennai city comprises of districts of Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur ) – so cumulatively Chennai city students have done poorly compared to the most backward districts .

So its a farce that the ”rural ” students will be put to disadvantage if #NEET is implemented in TN .

The real problem lies with the poor sub standard education system of TN.

There used to be a period when TN people used to top all india exams and that is the reason why now you will see many of them in senior positions of central government bureaucracy – what is the position now ? The numbers have fallen steeply  – the state board students fail miserably in almost all – all india exams – just 13 students out of 8 laks students of tn board entered IITM in 2016 

If statistics are dug out it will be same story as far as performance of state board students in competitive exams – the main culprit are the successive dmk / admk governments who have ruined the quality of education in TN in the name of ” samacheer kalvi ” – These statistics should have ringed a warning bell if the governments were really sincere in tn board students faring well in all india exams – instead they chose to ignore their fault and invented reasons for exemption .

How many years a state can ask for exemption when already it is given in 2016 ?

There was some justification last year as students were not equipped but why exemption again this year ?

Giving exemption to TN for this year also for #NEET will be a injustice to CBSE students who find it next to impossible to get the kind of scores state board students get – it is a yearly joke that record number of students get 200/200 in all subjects – whereas they end up a big failure not only in just in all india exams but also clearing their subsequent engineering exams .

50% of Anna university engineering students fail in first year exams

One among three engineering students in Tamil Nadu fails to graduate within 4 years

Tamil Nadu continues to produce unemployable engineers

The above are a clear indicator that the quality of school education is very poor in TN – if record number of students get 200/200 in all subjects then why cant they perform after they join colleges and why are they unfit to good job placements ?

To me not a single politician is really bothered about welfare of students – haven’t come across any politician worry about quality of students instead they keep repeating a lie of rural students will be affected for the sake of a imaginary non existent vote bank .

On the brighter side TN education minister has taken few steps in recent months and also has made some promises that entire syllabus is being revamped to make the students competitive which should have been done much earlier .

Of total number of seats 85% of that goes to the state and balance 15% is filled up by all india quota .The state government tried a cover up of its failure by announcing 85% of the state quota  seats to state board students and 15% to CBSE students which is a mockery of #NEET and was luckily cancelled by Madras HC and now the case is in SC .

Now there are reports that TN is planning to ask for exemption to #NEET for 2017 and 2018 – at this rate there is no end to this .

The state board students cant be penalized for state government sleeping for a year but same time justice for CBSE students also has to be done .

One of the most viable solutions for TN government is to prepare 2 lists – 1st list based on #NEET and 2nd list as per their formula – whatever the excess number of seats comes TN govt should ask center to approve it as one time exemption and a substantial part of the excess seats can be adjusted by asking center to give up the 15% all india quota seats from TN . This will ensure that justice is done to both state board students as well as CBSE students .

Also center should strictly not allow future exemptions as states like West Bengal have now started to complain – there seems to be no merit in their claim and the opposition seems to be purely on political grounds .

If TN is given exemption for 2 years there is every possibility that opposition rules states ( non NDA states ) will start fresh demand and this will open a Pandora box .

There has to be a debate initiated on One Nation One Syllabus to prevent such scenarios in future as not only students but also their entire family is at tenterhooks till last minute .

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