May 21, 2019

Neethi Sara and Worshipping the Perfect Woman

One verse that had kept me puzzled for years till I found the real meaning, and it apparently comes from Neethi-sara or Neethi Shastra, written by Telugu poet Baddena. It’s a collection of Subhashits or verses full of wit and wisdom.

Karyeshu Dasi- 

This refers to “Loyalty, dedication and hard work” which are the qualities we look for in someone so important in our life. It definitely doesn’t refer to wife as the servant or subordinate to her husband.

Karneshu Mantri- 

This means the wife should be the one who can play an important role in decision making with her wise advises. She should be someone the husband can depend on and trust like a king trusts his minister.

Bhojyeshu Mata- 

A wife should be someone who gives unconditional love like the mother who happily feeds her child forgetting her pain. A child never stays unfed when with the mother, and she never expects anything in return.

Shayaneshu Rambha- 

This means a wife should be someone who can cheer you up with encouragement and provide you comfort. She should take care of your emotions.

Roopeshu Lakshmi- 

This refers to dedication and humility like goddess of wealth Lakshmi who follows her husband through thick and thin, despite her riches.

Kshamayeshu Dharitri- 

This means, a wife should have boundless compassion and be forgiving like Mother Earth.

These are the qualities which are found in a good wife and where women are worshipped there resides God.

Sad that our feminists only go for the superficial meanings and never try to understand the scriptures. A perfect man-woman relationship according to Sanatan Dharma is based on “saha dharma charinam” which means sharing dharma equally. Wife is referred as “ardhangini” which means the one half of the husband. She is neither above nor below, she stands right next to him.

About the Author: Sona Roy (@Sona2905) is Strong believer in right wing ideology, avid traveller, photographer, occasional writer, interested mainly in history, architecture and studying ancient Indian scriptures.


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