April 19, 2019

Nehruvian Gods

Poverty is a State of Mind.

Nehruvian Poverty is absence of Mind.

One of the greatest intellectual to ever walk the land of Bharat has said the first statement and a one ordinary layman said the second one. It is impossible to analyze and dissect the first statement and find the true meaning by mere mortals. Beings with super human intelligence are required to explain the first statement. Recently we have seen an episode where such beings have explained to the world the real meaning of “Connect the MRIs”. These words had such a deep meaning that even deep learning algorithms would fail to decode the sentence. But the supreme intelligent beings have helped the mere mortals to understand the words and have also explained the real meaning of the entire discourse delivered to save the humanity. Only supreme beings with super human intelligence can handle such buckets of wisdom coming from the source of all intelligence.

The second statement would define the one quality of the supreme beings in totality and we can safely call these beings as Nehruvian Gods and their worshippers as Nehruvian Poor. The worshippers always want to have the state of mind called Nehruvian Poverty. Before going further it becomes important to understand the characteristics of Nehruvian Poor:

  • Persons who have the ability to work and make a living continue to live a life of real poverty in order to avoid doing a particular kind of work. The poverty could mean lack of sufficient money, intelligence, skills, etc.
  • Persons who are not willing to learn new skills to progress in life.
  • Persons with lack of self respect when dealing with powerful but have a mountain of ego when dealing with powerless.
  • Persons with lot of money but unable to spend for the welfare of near ones and for the society.
  • Persons with lot of knowledge but use lies, deception to become part of an alien agenda for the sake of crumbs from the aliens or other groups.
  • Persons who cannot identity aliens and alien ideologies from the native systems.
  • Persons who feel that they are being penalized by the society and have a strong belief that they should get more compensation/remuneration than what they are receiving.
  • Person who donot want to be treated like ordinary but has intense desire to have privileges over the rest.

The list of characteristics is mostly endless because being poor is only a step from being rich and yet people tend to remain poor and Nehruvian Gods are so merciful that they bless these people with Nehruvian Poverty. Once the blessing is received it becomes almost impossible to escape the effect of the blessings. Billions of dollars, unlimited books, advice, medical treatment, etc would not make the person normal. This happens because the Nehruvian poor suffering from Nehruvian Poverty would never think about their past, future but keep sulking about the present in the hope that their gods would solve their problems.

Nehruvian Poor always find someone else doing better which becomes unbearable and in the process the individual looses sanity. The individuals would degrade to such a level that they tend to live in an alternate reality where in the individuals begin to see themselves as the only important entity on the planet irrespective of their actual worth. The rules of the society do not matter and the only thing that to the Nehruvian Poor is their impotent sense of self importance bordering on anti-social behavior. To pull the individual out of this Nehruvian Poverty instilling a sense of nationalistic pride, pride in hard work, self respect, etc becomes the only way forward. But this has rarely been achieved because the Nehruvian Gods would always come to the rescue of their worshippers every single time taking away their sane minds.

As long as the Nehruvian Gods exist the Nehruvian Poor will survive. Farmers who keep demanding unlimited subsidies, businessmen who keep on asking for debt restructuring, middle class who keep expecting tax wavers, etc are all Nehruvian Poor and the ministers and agencies which grant these things to the individuals directly or indirectly are Nehruvian Gods. Until there is rationality in the business transactions in the society there is no escape from the Nehruvian Gods.

Picture Credit: Rishabh’s Lens


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