April 19, 2019

Nemesis of Kejriwal is Kejriwal Himself !!!

Kejriwal is a living example of ‘Ambition Overload’.

1609678_567748966636324_663150521_n (2)People flocked to him with a hope that he would usher in politics of probity, politics of responsibility and ‘politics of the people – for the people’ .

But alas, responsibility never took root, administration never took off, governance never saw the light of the day. The least he could have done is – give his faithful followers a taint free tenure, but a big question mark has arisen that could tarnish his clean image causing irreparable damage to a halo that used to surround him – that of an anti-corruption crusader.

The accuser is not his political opponent, he is a man from his own party – a cabinet1532044_567301526681068_1061946623_n (2) minister and a close confidant who has raised the banner of revolt leveling damning charges.

In politics these charges never stick, such charges are dime-a-dozen and our thick skinned Neta’s go about their nefarious ways without a hint of remorse. But, is kejriwal from the same mould of clay ?

Will he buck the trend of ducking the salvo with unpalatable replies and counter-allegations to come clean with a convincing rebuttal?

Further, will he bridle his runaway national ambition and unbridle the promised excellence in governance? Will he put a cap on rhetoric & theatrics to start living-up to expectations? Will he stop casting aspersions on everyone else and start introspecting ?

1959842_595489303862290_826374317_n (2)‘Shoot and scoot’, a time tested modus operandi used by kejriwal to level baseless allegation against all & sundry, has come a full circle. Allegations now stalk him, controversy now dogs him, political setbacks now haunt him and his mentor’s reprimand singes him.

The aftermath of elections in Punjab and Goa jolted the AAP and it’s Supremo badly. Although shaken, they chose to blame the EC and the EVM for their loss instead of introspecting.

MCD elections could be the proverbial ‘Final nail in the coffin’ of a man who caught the imagination of the nation that was grappling with corruption of phenomenon proportions under the UPA. A Man who rose like a phoenix promising a refreshing new political paradigm hasn’t just let himself down, he has let down his supporters and well-wishers.

India’s first and most promising political ‘start-up’ is staring squarely at bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy of vision, bankruptcy of original ideas, bankruptcy of lasting solutions, bankruptcy of motivation and righteous intent.

All for the sake of misplaced ambition of one Man – Arvind Kejriwal .

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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