May 27, 2019

New Age Socialism : Junkyard Journalism


Socialism has entered a new cycle. A vicious cycle of communalism, nepotism and _20170221_153144anarchy. Legislator of socialist government threatens a journalist and the journalistic fraternity is cosy enjoying sleep cycle. Journalism has reached Junk stage where filth is celebrated and clamor for parity is seen as golden opportunity to indulge in Modi bashing.


Citizens cannot complain about potholed roads. Lathi is the reward for raising voice against civic apathy.Electrification done on communal lines to appease minorities is the new low.



There is a deliberate effort to keep certain sections away from mainstream development. When Prime Minister points out the reasons and discrepancy he is accused of playing communal card. The truth is that Junkyard Journalists have become economical with truth. Facts are fudged to paint a rosy picture of “#KaamBoltaHai‘.

Law and order is non existent. Journalists are busy in projecting image of non existent development. Presstitution is flourishing along with anarchy. Rape accused is openly being patronized by Chief Minister. Women security has been reduced to a joke. Even Chief Minister’s wife got a taste of ongoing hooliganism done in the name of Socialism.

When pay check does not arrive on time, even journalists like the one of ” Walk The Dog” fame are forced to junk the junkyard politics. He has been singing a different tune quite jarring to the ears.


Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter, thanks to all tweeples.


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