April 24, 2019

NEWS ON SOCIAL MEDIA,Presented By Anil Kohli 24/12/2015

Serious users of social media twitter in particular will & are able to gather news stories from the tweets posted by other, we can get all the genres from politics to entertainment, domestic & international news.

What amazes me is the two parallel strains that I have noticed in the past couple of days 1) which is talking about the potency & virilite(y) of social media. This is one subject that I had addressed way back on 31st Dec2010 social Media a formidable foe for Main stream Media, which was way ahead of the curve.It was during this time when I had realized and stated true watchdog of democracy in Indiawas not MSM but SM. Data being quoted today hardly adds any substance to what was stated in 2010. 2) social Media is losing its relevance & some platforms may sink or foldup. User are hardly concerned with market capitilisation on the stock market of these SM platforms.What we are concerned is the interactivity &ethical performance, when we don’t get to hear claims like we cant manipulate algorithm. It’s not a divine creation that man cannot manipulate it. Algorithm is man made & can be manipulated by unethical persons.

We have often heard of complaints about anonymous users. This is as fake as the self created celebrities. On twitter we have shredded many a celebrity to such fine pieces that not even the best in the trade can never reconstruct their reputation. Social Media is not for drifters or attaining cult status. You can be anonymous but character cant remain anonymous, your tweets expose you in no time..  will read out the tweets posted which clearly establish this assertion. Tweeple are perceptive with very sharp analytical abilities, if they remain silent on certain issues, its bcoz hard evidence is not in their possession, speaking without proof is rumor mongering & that impacts our credibility, we are fully aware who has been drawing power from whom, who plugs in with whom, its only a matter of time when hard evidence is in our possession & we shall place all facts in public domain.

Social Media is here to stay, it deepens democracy, empowers citizen to take ownship of their govt & decisions. this being the penultimate livebeam for this month & year makes it important that nothing is left to anyones imagination. Establish beyond doubt,relevance of “NEWS ON SOCIAL MEDIA”


See more at: http://indianexpress.com/article/blogs/time-to-redefine-political-engagement-stop-potshots-talk-potholes/#comments

Has our generation lost the conviction to question what we stand for anymore? Are we wasting precious time on myopic dramas in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?

Instead of the big political challenges, today’s politicians usually focus on what seem largely irrelevant to a common citizen. With frequent disruptions and forced adjournments of Parliament by the Opposition becoming the order of the day, the public exchequer is likely to lose crores of rupees in this on-going session.

Instead of wasting time and energy in cheap drama, and walks to courts which are flashed on TV like reality shows, the government should focus on issues that are literally life-and-death for citizens. It is time to stop the drama and react to ‘the issues which affect people’s lives’.

Today, a 12-year-old child died after he fell into an unmarked open sewer pit near a bus depot at New Delhi’s MillenniumPark on Monday. While the police have initiated a probe to figure out who left the lid open, the school said it has taken disciplinary action against two teachers. Five years ago,New Delhi saw angry and violent protests by residents of Wazirabad area after four children fell to their deaths in an open sewer. The then-state government had announced a compensation of Rs 1 lakh per family and ordered an inquiry.

However, no department has owned up to commissioning the work on the sewers which were left open inside a public park!

And this is not a phenomenon restricted to Delhi. Bengaluru, for instance, is a city notorious for having deadly potholes. On August 23, 2015, Nine-year-old Likith Gowda and his mother Sunitha died when the latter swerved her two-wheeler to avoid a huge pothole near SRS Circle on Tumkur Road. On April 27, 2015, 13-year-old Shama Anjum and her one-year-old sister Ayam died when their mother attempted the same around a large pothole on OTC Road near Ulsoorgate police station.

The figures are shocking to say the least.

Over 11,000 people killed by potholes and speed breakers last year alone. At least one case is reported every day.

States with a high number of fatalities on these counts included Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka andWest Bengal. Maharashtra registered 368 deaths in crashes due to potholes, humps and speed breakers while another 224 persons died in crashes on roads under repair or under construction.

According to the Road Accident Report (2014) published by the road transport and highways ministry, while 4,726 lives were lost in crashes due to humps, 6,672 people died in accidents caused due to potholes and speed breakers.

UP had the largest share with 4,455 lives lost in such accidents. In MP, 915 people died in crashes caused due to bad road conditions and in Bihar, the fatalities stood at 867.

There is also the example of Jyoti’s parents, who had to scream themselves hoarse for their request to consider the Juvenile Justice Bill in the house. Suddenly, the narcolepsy of the past three years is being cured and everyone is in a dead hurry to debate the topic. Another drama, considering both parties had earlier favoured sending the bill to a parliamentary committee for further scrutiny.

Major Bills are in cold storage as a result of the logjam. Many of the pending Bills deal with the daily lives of the common people. We the public want to debate them. Legislation time has been lost because of disruptions ending up hurting the taxpayer, having stalled the legislative business of the House.

The health of democracy of any nation is largely dependent on a strong and functional legislature. Mass campaign against disruptions of Parliament should be launched to develop public resistance against bad governance and to provoke public support in favour of proper functioning of the House. Politicians need to shun lethargy and reset their moral compass. Their lethargy for change, whether it is in the running of Parliament, implementation of schemes or adherence to values need immediate and serious mending and only good governance can provide an answer to the tragedies the common citizens’ face.

We are tired of the Kejriwal daily soap, the Gandhis’ walkathon, the Kirti Azad hackathon, and the Jaitley jackathon. It is people like us who suffer most from such disruptions. Not only do we have to worry about things not getting done, but we are also paying for those things to not get done.

Just like a good Taliban, a functioning Parliament seems an oxymoron at the moment.

Professor Dr Ushy Mohan Das is a doctor by profession and an academic by passion. An avid writer, a transformation coach and a crusader, she believes the common man must speak up for what is right.

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