January 22, 2019

News Traders and Opposition

People Anger is bubble, will burst one day

News Traders and Opposition have gone full throttle against the PM. They clearly know now the PM is light years ahead of them. How time has changed from 2002 to date. Let us have a look.

(1) News traders and opposition parties have still not learned the lesson. When he was CM for 1st term They had advantage position. They stood tall because of fake propaganda and many believing it. They were at great height.

(2) Then came the great equaliser position when Modi was CM for third consecutive term. That was the time when they were compelled to talk at EYE LEVEL.

(3) Third came the situation when Modi became the PM. This was the time they started loosing that situation of EYE LEVEL. Modi’s stature gradually became big. They tried their best for first two years by asking all stupid questions, raising issues of zero consequence like cost of his suit, his foreign travels, etc. The stature continues to grow as an outcome of hardwork, innovative schemes, timely fire fighting, and gradually the gear has changed. Now no more reactive approach. It is proactive approach. First indication was the Surgical Strike and second is Demonetization. Now his stature has become too big. The News Traders will have to bend backwards to an angle where the cap on their head will fall.

Modi is clearly incharge of the Ship and he makes it obvious to all. Ones who have seen him speaking at Goa will know the reality from his voice modulation and body language.

Without digressing from the topic. If News Traders don’t change then it would be bad day. It can’t be a blank cheque in the name of FOE.

What kind of questions these people ask? They just want to hear anti government answers. I understand years of loyalty and to congress and then all political parties just to oppose MODI is big enough a reason to consistently pester the citizens to speak in a biased way.

The PM and Home Minister has a lot at stake in terms of controlling the anger of the people. People love Modi and are keeping their frustration under control. Add to this chaos on roads by congress and other parties. Add to this misleading messages on WhatsApp Group. Add to this Police first saying action will be taken for spreading rumor. When someone shared a screenshot of Rana Ayyub to the Police, there was pin drop silence. Why on earth such people are treated with kids love. Would the same police have have ignored if a screen shot or ordinary citizen was shared with them. Neither Delhi nor Mumbai police acted.

Rajdeep never had the guts to air cash for vote. But he keeps asking provoking questions in public.

A non media person when caught for sharing country secrets or war room information, he / she is arrested and God knows when they get bail or not. They desrve that. But when a channel does the same and that too online the court and the government comes to their rescue.

People are frustrated with News Traders.

This might lead to all out fight between News Traders and law abiding citens one day. Why provoke a helpless citizen in a queue. Why ask him questions that are not going to help in maintaining law and order. If at all News Traders don’t mend their ways and the central government doesn’t intervene then the energies will get channelised in wrong direction. That would be a bad day. This would lead to situation (4)

(4) In last situation they would be reduced to Zero Value like Demonitized Notes.

Why can’t the journalists pacify the citizens in queue and ask constructive questions?

Situation is changing at fast pace. Shri R Jagannathan in his article Demonetisation: Why Modi Holds The High Cards in Fight with Opposition  on November 16, 2016 has explained this in very nice way.

There is a competition between News Traders and Arvind Kejriwal, Who will hit the Lowest?


While filing his nomination from Varanasi on Wednesday, Kejriwal declared his movable and immovable assets worth ₹ 2.14 crore. On the other hand, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has assets worth only ₹ 1.5 crore. More on the Blog 

Now he portrays an image as if he is next to the beggar who comes at traffic signal. Come on … even illiterate understand the drama, we are active on Social Media and understand much more.

Truth is difficult to digest.

Janta Hamari Sabse Badi Poonji Hai: Arvind Kejriwal

…….. so funny. Neither liquid asset is left nor human asset. Sukh bhare din beetey re bhaiya dukh ghadi aayi re……..

Picture Credit and Link Credit: http://swarajyamag.comrealityofaap.blogspot.com  YouTube Aaj Tak Screen Shot 

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