April 19, 2019

Next What? Dr Swamy the Contrarian

The irreprehensible  Subramaniam Swamy is at it again .

A contrarian view is his forte, he is whimsical, confrontational and at times a gutter mouth.

He has his positives. A litigant par excellence, pursues his cases vigorously to their logical end. Well connected and feared.

His latest tweet isn’t an ‘Auto correct’ or a ‘Spell check’ error, it’s a clear indication that his once soaring relationship with BJP is going sour .

He has had his run-ins with the BJP brass on earlier occasions, notably his criticism of Jaitley. This Economist turned Politician turned Lawyer has been dogged in his criticism of the Finance Minister. The former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan was the subject of his ire on many occasions.

He was reprimanded and was forced to tone down his virulent attacks against his own partymen. After a brief lull Swamy is back with his abrasive antics, he isn’t the kind who is used to ‘beating retreat’ easily.

Jallikattu saw Swamy at his slanderous best, ‘Pokkiri’ and ‘eli’, meaning goons and rats were his choice words for the ‘Marina’ protesters.

The AIADMK impasse was the last straw, it has triggered a war of words with Swamy alleging that some Union Minister’s are responsible for engineering a revolt to destabilise the government in Tamil Nadu after the death of J Jaya Lalitha.

He was the one who slapped the disproportionate assets case against Amma, ChinAmma & co., But despite the bitterness with Amma, he was the one who was instrumental in convincing her to withdraw support to Vajpayee.

Similar is the case today  ChinAmma is behind bars because of him but he is the only central leader who had openly demanded that Sashikala faction should be sworn in. Swamy and his temperamental ways are undecipherable and his actions, at times are unfathomable.

Time has come for both Swamy and BJP to move their separate ways because Swamy’s bandwidth can never sync with another bandwidth for long, his is a lonely wavelength that carries more static than audible sound.


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