May 20, 2019

NGO Yuga

The intellectuals of India have become expert in one act that is to fool the Hindus and have been turning the Hindus into zombies. A point has come when we are more than happy to criticize our own ways of life than anti-Hindus. The NGOs have been very successful in killing the Hindu way of life and they are dismantling our unity step by step. All they are doing is Ek Dhakka Aur Do and our constitutional creatures are happy cheering the efforts of various NGOs in trying to civilize us.

The NGOs are all different and they get activated at different times to attack on different aspects of Hindu way of life. Since the languages, cultures and ways of life are different throughout our nation, we have become numb about the attacks on one part of the nation until our own issues are under attack. This numbness and indifference has give the NGOs and their constitutional cheer leaders courage to implement increasingly bizarre decisions.

One has to wonder about a particular super woman who has been pasted on all TV channels until the constitutional creatures have decided on allowing women into the Shani Temple in some area of Maharashtra. This lady has no courage nor has no interest in the traditions. All she did was to get the constitutional creatures do her bidding about desanctifying the temple and its traditions. She did her job and has now disappeared and the constitutional creatures have moved on to the next issue of civilizing the Hindus.

Whether this NGOs ladies had anything to with the traditions? If the NGO ladies were a hardcore devotee of the particular Shani devta then these ladies would be doing upasana for the rest of her life. The constitutional creatures donot bother to sniff the intent but they gloat about giving equality and put hurdles and breaking the traditions of Hindus to get applause from the NGOs and their sponsors. The constitutional creatures what the foreign invaders have done to our temples but in a more polished manner.

Some NGOs worry about the health of the animals and understand the pains and suffering of the animals. These NGOs have no idea about the abuse they do the various animals they treat as pets but are concerned about large animals such as elephants, cows, buffalos and bulls. For these NGOs the elephants are meant to be in forests to be poached by some humans and no action to be taken against the poachers. The cows and other animals should be slaughtered for increasing the protein of the poorest of the poor citizens of this country.

One thing we did not realize that we have NGOs who fight the government against the use of weapons on poachers of elephants. There are different set of NGOs who fight for keeping the elephants in the forests and not as bearers of murthis in temples. There are NGOs who fight for the illegal slaughter and smuggling of cows, bulls and buffalos. There are NGOs who fight for the rights of dogs, cats and every king of animal that exists on this planet except for the animals that are respected by the Hindus. The constitutional creatures are happy to help every single variety of NGO even if it meant civilizing the Hindus who are considered uncultured and uncivilized.

These NGOs have no problem about the abuses of women, children and men due to the things they have created. These NGOs are not bothered about the effects of their interventions and the constitutional creatures donot bother about the effects of their actions. They are happy to be guided by the NGOs and the more foreign funding for an NGO, more value and respect is accorded to them by our constitutional creatures. These NGOs donot have any sense of equality because every NGO work to bring in equality among the various groups.

Some NGOs want preferential discrimination based on gender, some on caste, and some on religion. Some NGOs want preferential discrimination based on language, some on sexual orientation some NGOs want more rights to be given to aliens than the citizens of this nation. There are NGOs who support invaders, rapists, hard core criminals so that more can attack the citizens of this country. There are also NGOs who give away awards to the constitutional creatures for their work and support. Also the NGOs invite our constitutional creature for talks in faraway places and get some knowledge about our systems.

If this was not sufficient, some NGOs air lift Indians to get statements about how dangerous our constitutional creatures. With a huge reports on the faults in our system, these NGOs then come back to attack the citizens with the support the constitutional creatures. The citizens are helpless because those who are support to help them are party to the attacks by the NGOs and the whole system of democracy crumbles just because NGOs want to civilize us and the constitutional creatures are happy cheerleading them.

The respect given by the constitutional creatures for the NGOs is amazing and the constitutional creatures bend over backwards to make the NGOs very happy. What the idiotic constitutional creatures do not realize is that the funders of the variety of NGOs who want to civilize Hindus are the same. But our constitutional creatures have all their senses numb because they are in awe of something else. There is something that the constitutional creatures crave is available with the NGOs which the Hindus do not have.

Wondering if Bharat has become “Of the NGOs, By the NGOs and For the NGOs and literally we are becoming Democracy of NGOs” where the desires of the NGOs are protected by the constitutional creatures. The aspirations of the citizens are put in the dustbins of the Constitution and the aspirations of the NGOs are given the most priority and we are seeing it happening every single day. We can all cheer and be happy because we have one job opportunity and be salves of funders. The NGO invasion has started long back but it is only recently the constitutional creatures have become party to it.

Happy NGO Yuga to All.


Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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