April 21, 2019

No Muslim Candidates in UP – BJP

The BJP having 312 seats in the UP, the discredited intellectuals have started making noise that there are no Muslim MLA in BJP. The one thing they forgot that there are UP MLA in the UP BJP and why should it matter that there should be Muslims in the state assemblies. The discredited intellectuals should answer if they believe that only Muslims represent Muslims and not the usual way as the constitution of India suggests. Also whose fault is it that there are no Muslims in the BJP.

If the discredited journalists think that only the people from the same religious groups represent their concerns, then there should be discussions about the development of Muslims under the various secular and Muslim MLAs in all other parties. Why have the Muslims been deprived of any development under the Muslim MLAs and MPs elected by them repeatedly? To get the solution to this issue, we need not look beyond Kashmir, where the few radical people have held the others at random to their ideology. But on a general basis it can be said that Kashmir is no paradise for anyone because of the stone pelting and other radical elements while the majority wants schools, hospitals etc.

The next issue is about the participation of Muslims in the politics. Most of the discredited intellectuals are buddies with the most radicalized mullahs and are more than happy to give space to the sermons and fatwah of these radicalizing mullahs. How many mullahs and discredited intellectuals have raised hue and cry when a Muslim called boti boti kardenge of PM or for blackening the face of the PM of India. The well meaning people from this Muslim community know that they are sinking deeper into the intolerance by not raising the issue, but little can they do as they feel powerless.

When the BJP political leaders sided with the hugely intellectual 16 year old from muslim community against the idiotry of some mullahs and radicals, the bigoted young gun made mockery of the support she received from the BJP. No political party is here for serving the mullahs and it is upon the muslims to think beyond the religion. The big thing that the discredited intellectuals forget that they could see the huge modi wave in 2014 and 2017 and their chronic blindness makes them to forget the silent support of a section of muslims to the BJP.

The fault of the discredited intellectual narrative is that Muslims fear the BJP. If the muslims are so dumb that they cannot see beyond the false narrative, the BJP cannot do home schooling and special schooling to the electorate, that appears foolish but does complicated strategic voting to defeat the BJP. Whether the electorate is foolish or the discredited intellectuals who at times make the muslim electorate look highly intellectual and at other times believe them to be idiots of worst kind. At the end of the day it is upon the Muslims or any other community to move towards any political party they want.

The discredited intellectuals forget that BJP is working with minorities in Kashmir, Punjab, Goa. Apart from this there has been no discrimination in any laws that are made and yet there are huge doles given by the government for the minority. When minority community only means, Muslims, then the both the Muslims and the discredited intellectuals are at fault. Even though the discredited journalists can be pardoned as they have sold themselves out for money, the electorate cannot be pardoned for their sheer stupidity for believing these discredited intellectuals.

If the Muslims feel that they do not have representation in BJP, then they should allow their youngsters to join the BJP at the ground level and then raise up the political ladder. There were times when BJP was called a Brahmin-Baniya party and also times when it was called a cow-belt party by the discredited intellectuals. But today the two labels given by the discredited intellectuals stand collapsed and BJP is ever growing. If the youth of muslim community join BJP today, then in a decade’s time if they work selflessly and strategically, then they can have a shot at being the PM of India as a BJP candidate and also might have to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

If this is too much to ask, then it is not the fault of BJP but the fault lies at the door step of Muslims who believe in the discredited intellectuals. BJP has welcomed all with open arms and its ideological mentor RSS works on uniting Indians of whom Muslims are also a part. There is a separate arm of RSS for the Muslim community. But the community members and the few leaders cannot make any amends and join the regular BJP party, and then it is not the fault of BJP. Every BJP member has to work and there are no special privileges for belonging to any community. The Muslim leaders have repeatedly abused the BJP and Hindu identity of India but worship the Islamic invaders. This is anti-theses to the existence of India and there should never be any space to such elements in the BJP.

No one heard MSM asking national conference why not a single Kashmiri Pandits who are genuinely minority not given a single ticket or for that matter any hindu not given a ticket?

BJP is a open system with the most democracy of all the political parties and nobody is discriminated. The discredited intellectuals are realizing that most of the muslims that they have been fooling for decades are coming to see the truth and for the sake of their own bread and butter trying to malign the party that believes in Sab Ka Saath, Saab ka Vikas. Time for the Muslim community to shed the jihadi and other radical mentality and join the Vikas band wagon. Most are realizing the truth and only time will tell how many are joining the BJP and work for the development of India as part of BJP or any other political party of their choice within the constitutional provisions.

Bharat Mata ki Jai.

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