May 23, 2019

No One Killed Black Buck

IMG-20170127-WA0122Indian judiciary becomes “Tubelight” when it comes to Salman Khan Cases. Why the legal process gets hit and run over by “Sultan”? What kind of “Kick” did Dr Nepali get when she filed a report stating black buck died of “Natural Causes”? Did Black Buck die due to Demonetization? Trust news spinners to explore this angle as well. Of late, Salman’s acting gets better in courts than on silver screen. He has really worked on his dialogues. When asked about his religion, he stated “Indian” to the court. Great work by Salim Khan!! Somehow the way Salman’s trial has progressed over the years, judiciary has been taken for a ride. Is the Judiciary “Being Human”? Well, it has stopped being compassionate towards “Human Beings” (Hit-and-Run Case).

The courts get hyperactive when Bulls are being harmed in a traditional sport. Inertia grips them when a public interest litigation is submitted banning cow slaughter in all states of Indian Union. It hardly comes as a surprise if Black Buck dies of Natural Causes. Was Organic Bullet used by Salman? Organic = Natural! It’s unfunny, unfortunate and sadistic to even suggest such reasoning for killing of innocent animal. Where is PETA hiding? Why their activism is limited to bulls and not black buck? PETA is Bhai-zoned and it endorses “Being Human” philosophy.

Justice delayed is justice denied. Sunanda Pushkar case is being put into “Cattle Class” (remember Shashi Tharoor’s statement while travelling in economy class” and Black Buck case is being put on back burner due to natural causes of Judicial apathy. Never lose trust in Judiciary to disappoint you.

Picture Courtesy: Twitter & East India Comedy

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