May 19, 2019


Screenshot_2016-08-07-23-12-35According to our PM Mr Modi development is the key to all solutions. Well the ground reality is different.

It can tackle a lot of issues but not a remedy for all issues. It is now over 30 months that he is in office and has to understand that he has proven himself beyond doubt on development.

Two areas where he has failed miserably is gaining the confidence of HINDUS and not making any headway in any of the major scams that he has narrated in his 2014 elections rallies.

maldaScreenshot_2016-05-26-06-59-18Be it for variety sake or for the need of the hour, his speech have become monotonous. It is time he starts talking of facts. If he thinks the balancing act will help him win election then he is day dreaming.  HINDUS are to be blamed more than theCCXcHDgVEAALoHb Muslims for the condition they are in West Bengal Kerala and soon in UP as well. Voters in Uttar Pradesh should ask what BJP has done to protect HINDUS in West Bengal and Kerala that they need to vote for BJP.

hindusEveryday Hindus are being killed in Bengal. RSS cadres are being butchered in Kerala. What is the party doing? What is the government going? And what is our MODIJI doing? Nothing..none are interested in taking the Screenshot_2016-07-29-09-32-54chief ministers head on. Just making a mention in speech, press conference, symbolic bandh doesn’t help. If these things had any usefulness both the Chief Ministers in WB and Keral would have become saints by now.

Mr Modi and BJP has to understand one thing. Right Wingers are not bound by anyone. Mr Advani was replaced by NaMO for a reason. No one is indispensable. Not even NaMo. If this continues, peace loving HINDUS will find an alternate and there is no looking back then.

Time is running out. Every HINDU murder is impacting the chances of people supporting 10155934_604239982987222_1193518958_n (2) him as PM for 2019. We are not sitting Ducks. Mood of the masses will change. Today it is Bengal and Kerala, tomorrow it could be anywhere in India. More so there is big population that keeps going to these two states. No one wants President Rule. The central government has enough of powers to intervene and take law and order situation to desired level. People are scared and they want central government to instill faith. The way this issue is being handle looks this is Cross Border issue.

Coming to past scams. Congress Mukt Bharat. 44 just 44 congress MP give headache to BJP. Why? They know NaMo will not do anything. His CMs will not do anything. If so much of evidence are there then what are the compulsions to keep the progress on the scams in isolation. Forget about about action on congress scams a water tight case of Sunanda Murder is not moving in at all. So many proofs  against Vadra but he too continues to enjoy his body building sessions and royal lifestyle. Dr Swamy is one man army. Basking in the glory of the work done by Dr Swamy is not done. There is some headway in J & K but the speed at which it is happening, is not good enough to give a pat. It might run into second term of BJP ( I am not saying second term of NaMO on purpose).

What has NaMo or his ministers done on scams and HINDU safety? NaMo has to answer how development is helping HINDUS becoming brave. How development is helping the government solve and put scamster in jail.

We are not here to sit and take rotten lolly pop like ROTI KAPDA MAKAAN of Congress for six decades. 

IMG_20161209_081526_425I like NaMos style. Kuch logon ko darna padega. WhatScreenshot_2016-11-29-13-47-39 did we see? Mr. Sharad Pawar got Padma Award. Very tough decision.

What is the progress on this screenshot on right? How many furnish the details ………..

Treat citizens like customers. Very small percentage is on Twitter Facebook and very big percentage on WhatsApp.

The news is BAD and people who were initially making fun have started cursing BJP for not protecting HINDUS and not taking action against the Dynasty.

PMSince we are talking about BJP  it is important to put certain things in right perspective and not leave anything in general terms. The day Modiji took oath as PM there was an email id on his website. I sent a mail and after sometime it was removed. Can’thindus find it till date. There is a drop window for grievances but nothing available to request for an appointment. People who have tagged him as mass murderer get appointment. Later they become part of INTOLERANCE brigade but ones who have some genuine reasons to meet are left to facebook, twitter and My Gov. Is this Digital India?

Our President and PM last year said something, sharing the screen shot. IMG_20160814_073914_037 Screenshot_2016-08-08-07-16-25-576x1024

Barring Smt. Sushma Swaraj I am yet to see a minister who is prompt to revert even on serious complaints. Cabinet Ministers need to be examplary. Praise them, you get RT . Raise an issue, no revert. This is where Smt Sushma Swaraj sets the benchmark.

So where do we stand today. Citizens can’t make pickles out of Development and protect themselves from attacks. Citizens can’t fight corruption cases of past government. Sample these messages.


kerala Screenshot_2017-02-01-13-44-17

Lalu-Modi-Mulayam 1

The solution to all PROBLEMS is not DEVELOPMENT. If that was the case then the developed countries would not be having problems. THE SOLUTION to some PROBLEMS is APPEASEMENT in Limits Bk3mrnOCcAEX9s9and COURAGE in EXCESS of 56 INCH and call SPADE a SPADE.

Old generation just can’t stand Samajwadi Party for the number of Kar Sewaks killed by MSY in UP. Their memory is sharp and the results in 2014 was a reflection of the hate they have for them. Though this is personal life of PM to attend functions but this pic has hurt a lot of people in UP.

The government can’t arrest these. Isn’t this vote bank politics?

Screenshot_2016-11-28-10-35-58 fatwa

Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas is just not happening. HINDUS are living in fear.


Unless the slogan changes to SABKI SURAKSHA SABKA VIKAS, 2019 BJP will come to power but not NaMO. We want our PM to be equally vocal for HINDU issues as he has been on COW VIGILANTE.

Picture Credit: Thanks to all tweeples for the screen shots and knowledge sharing as well. It helps in writing articles and adding facts.


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