May 19, 2019

No Way Out for Hindus

The most hated group of Indians by the constitution of India is the Hindus. The constitution imposes punishments on Hindus for no fault of their while pampering non-Hindus with special privileges. To out do the constitution the various governments creates schemes and rules of business to appease the non-Hindu groups. The tax payer money is wasted on ideas and ideologies that are out to destroy the Hindus and most of which are protected by the constitution. As long as the sectarian constitution exists in its current form and the racist minds of the various creatures of constitution exist there is No Way Out for Hindus.

Hindus as we know are the true humanists believing in peace and harmony with every being that exists. But the hatred for Hindus is but a natural reaction who wants to rule this planet in the false belief of being the most superior. The ideologies of hate cannot stand the presence of a counter ideology which believes in equality. One of the ways of gaining dominance is to reduce the power of Hindus in every possible way and the Constitution is one of the several tools in this process. The brainwashing of school going children is another tool employed and there a host of other tools used by unsuspecting members of our society with the purpose of destroying the Hindus.

The major issue that many people feel is conversion but in reality we have to call it Degeneration because people are going away from a glorious tradition to genocidal ideologies of hate. The world has been suffering the ideas of hate for a few millennia and has no signs of stoppage because in the age of Kali what is right is considered wrong and what is wrong is considered as Right. Hindus have been living a continuous civilization changing themselves as per the needs of the times and have always prospered using new thinking process all rooted in the internal traditions and never leaving the glorious tradition of our ancestors.

In the age of the divisive constitution and the apathy of the leaders there seems to be only one way out. It is impossible to fight the creatures of constitution who have their morals adjusted to the tune of forces inimical to Hindus at large and India in particular. The only way is to create a Bhasmasura Ideology. Bhasmasura is an asura who got a boon to turn into ash anything he touches. The Bhasmasuras are created by every group that wants to protect itself and everyone ideology has a pet Bhasmasura except for the Hindus and it is high time Hindus too have one and save themselves from the governments that come and go.

The Bhasmasuras that have been created are the Joshua project, Thessalonica Project, ISIS, LET, NAXALISM, etc. The Mohinis have lost control over a few of them while for others the dance is going one and is called The New World Order. Hence the creation of Bhasmasura Ideology is fraught with danger but a Bhasmasura Ideology from the Sanathana Dharma would have a great Mohini to finish it off when its job is done without much efforts. The Bhasmasura and the accompanying ideology that the Hindus should create should be only for the check mating of the systems and ensuring of the right balance in the constitution which is the presiding text of our country as it exists.

The Bhasmasura Ideology should have a god who hates all of his non followers taking most of the bigoted and racist philosophies from western religions and keeping the principles of Karma, rituals from the Sanatana Dharma. The Bhasmasura Ideology should promote extreme degeneration but also should declare a hate towards violence. The only guarantee of safety and a way to violent reactions is when the Bhasmasura Ideology itself is criticized in line with other bigoted ideologies. TheiIdeology should have its roots firmly in Sanatana Dharma so that even if Mohini fails to exterminate the Bhasmasura it finds peace with Sanatana Dharma in a natural way. Such an ideology cannot be declared as morally wrong and cannot be banned based on any principle of existing rules because of parity and Right to Religion which the courts seem to be protecting even at the cost of rationality. The degeneration of people to the Sanatana Dharmic rooted Bhasmasura ideology and its handling in the courts in terms of special privileges would then be an interesting matter to watch out. With our courts being served by half retarded people, even if this effort fails then there is nothing that can be done to protect the interests of Hindus in the foreseeable future.

Picture Credit: Struggle for Hindu Existence


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